Friday, December 31, 2010

Before K-ON!, there was BECK

Alright, this one has been sitting in my backlog for far too long...

Well, here you have it folks, the last entry for 2010, in which I'll post my two cents on this one particular musical anime series. I'll hopefully write another post by tomorrow, on new year resolutions and stuff.

At the time of writing (4th of December), I am 2 days away from being slaughtered by the fearsome attack of not one, but FOUR papers in exam’s week. Also, it’s 1 in the morning, and I’ve just slept for 5 hours last night.

So why am I still up, writing this? For one thing, I suddenly found myself getting excited over the next anime convention, imagining all the awesome stuff and awesome people that I expect to meet. But there’s another thing – something more significant – that made me to get up from bed, to write this… and that would be an old anime series that I’ve just finished marathoning (during exam week, even!)

So I was out getting sunburnt and scraped by thorns

The title pretty much sums up what I've been doing in the last couple of days.

Geologists call it 'fieldwork', layman may prefer to call it 'lurking in the middle of nowhere'. As for me... well, I'd say it's just another day of work.

For the last 4 days, I've been conducting a geological fieldwork to prepare my final year project's presentation. I've since went back and forth to several roadcuts in a rural area, about 40 Km plus from my house.

After regressing back into my old habit of staying in the room all day and taking it easy, it took me some time to adjust into spending half of the day examining geological features (i.e. rocks) in the fields, engaging in meticulous measuring and recording of data that would require a certain dedication (they can get pretty tedious and boring - and it's me that's talking here, heh).

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A christmas in the tropics

I wish I could say that I was going through backlogging on Christmas, but I did something even better. Oh the joy.

And it gets better: the said activity would presume for... I dunno, a week? Busy time for me indeed. But don't worry, I'm taking it easy; 's cool. I might write the followup in the next post, if I'm in the mood for it.

So basically, this is a post to say that I'll be on a sort-of hiatus for a week or so. I'll try to check out other people's posts when I'm done.

And of course, there's the Touhou girls and animus waiting for me as well. Just wait for me, I'll be back...

Enjoy your Christmas and weekend, guys!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

So. I went to Comic Fiesta for both day, and stayed for the whole day.

It was very tiring - I spend practically the whole day standing - and I was very very nervous on going to the event (on both day I actually had 'take it easy' chanting in my head on and on)...

But lemme tell you, that it was FUCKING AWESOME.

Picture very related

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wallpaper post, rants, CF

Since everyone is posting their wallpaper, I figured that I'll do the same as well.

You may laugh for 3 minutes:

Dat XP

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreaming of Touhou

I had this post sitting in my backlog for a while, so thought I'd post it here after reading some of the related posts in a certain blog (sup, dude).

Also, I'm slowly going through the blogs that I've neglected in the past few days. I-it's not that I love reading all those posts by you guys or anything; I just have a lot of time to spend now!

You know, I always wanted to write about some of the dreams I had, but most of them are pretty sketchy to be put in words. Not to mention that they're pretty random as hell, and are rather... well, boring.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Backlog: movies

Wow, I've been rather productive lately, huh? Let's hope I can keep it that way.

So, after I was done with finals, the first thing that I did was (trying) to get some sleep. But then I thought that sleeping would be a waste of time, so I decided to catch up on the movies that have sitting in my backlog for quite some time.

Usually I'm not really much of a movie watcher (2D > 3D, yeah!), but suddenly I was in the mood for it. Heck, I even attempted a sleep deprivation while I was watching them - I got KO-ed at 6 AM tho. It's around 12 ON here, and I'm still feeling a bit groggy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comedy is a powerful weapon

Honestly, I don't really give a fig about politics ('cause I'm a recluse who thinks a lot of humans are effing stupid, and that the subject in question is usually wrapped up in a lot of jargons and bullshits, partly due to them politicians).

This guy, however, is awesome:


And even if you're not really into politics, the part where he talks about a certain part of... well, just go and watch it alright?

It's been a while since I've saw something that really cracked me up like this.

This picture is highly relevant - OH YESSSSS

And as I promised in the last post, I have indeed finished my papers! Time to take it easy~

How's everyone doing?

P/S Whoops, so much for having a Touhou related post... well, uh, enjoy that Koishi pic :V

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh hey, procrastinatin

Yeah, yeah, as if I was gonna take it seriously on studying, hah!

But, really, I'm trying my hard at going through the books. And my brain's cramped from all the reading - it's not as if I'm dependent on the internet or anything!

The internet... IT'S CONTROLLING ME!!!

Actually, I interrupt my (very short) self-imposed hiatus because I want to share something that I found on dA:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I promise myself I won't procrastinate...

what's with 4 papers coming up next week.

So I've set a goal of not spending too much time on the internet, which are usually spent either by looking at Touhou fanarts/videos/doujins, searching for new series to add to my to-watch list, or more often that not, pressing F5 as I view pages of blogs and discussion board (wow that's so sad...)

Don't worry guys, I really plan to take it easy for these papers. I'll slowly go through em not that there'll be any good getting myself stressed over them anyway haha

Anyway, enough talking, it's time to go back to the books guys. brb~

PS: How's the winter going on (for those in the Northern part)? I've heard that things are getting pretty bad there...

PPS: have this one hot picture of Mokou (pun intended) to warm things up

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussion on weaboos - a continuation from a certain blog

All right guys, let's get down to business shall we?

We're gonna do a bit of inter-blog post discussion here. I’m kinda rambling here, so apologize for this, uhhh... quality post.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So much for easy modoing...

Today's paper was a disaster, I won't say anything else about it, except that I'm hoping that I'll at least past the paper. Don't want to be going for an extension of a semester man...

Anyway, have a bit of filler post, which is somewhat related to the next posts that I'm planning. Also, a small question at the end:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Passion, opinion, writing

Okayyyyy... brace yourself, 'cause this sound like it's gonna be one of those ranting type of posts again.

At the very least, stick around for some extras at the end. We got porn, yayy :V

Saturday, November 27, 2010

News: otaku groups

After listening to the rant of a certain self professed non-otaku, you might be interested to read this article of the market for otaku (sure, it's 5 years old... but it's still relevant I guess?)

After reading this article, which group of otaku do you fit in? While I've yet to reach the level of otaku, should I pursue the hobby (with a certain amount of funds, haha) I can see myself steering towards Type 3 Otaku.

In other news, I'm done with the exam for this week. 3 down, 6 more to go.

I really need to take it easy man - don't want to be getting them stomach ulcer...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Procrastination is...


Anyway, since it's exam time here, and since I'm oh-so-busy procrastinating, I might as well write about my exam. To get myself to study... or something.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes we can

The news' a bit old, but it still made me lol somewhat:

NEW YORK (AFP) - – A sophisticated Malaysian cyber bandit hacked into the US Federal Reserve's computers and also stole nearly half a million credit and debit card numbers, US prosecutors in New York said.

Lin Mun Poo, a Malaysian resident and citizen, was arrested on October 21 soon after entering the United States and was indicted by grand jury Thursday, the US attorney's office in Brooklyn said.

He allegedly hacked into the Cleveland, Ohio branch of the Fed, the US central bank, and in separate attacks also stole more than 400,000 card numbers, as well as breaching the defenses of numerous other systems.

Something to be proud of, Malaysia? :trollface:

inb4 Malaysia Bolehhhhhhh

P/S for the non Malay speaker, Boleh = Can.

Malaysia can... can what? Derp :V

It's a whole load of schist

This just made my geologist self to snicker:


I'm not gonna explain about it: the picture speaks for itself (that, and I should really get back to studying, heh)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Procrastinating by Touhouing, Part 2

To continue the second part of Touhou videos, we're going to look at some video that would surely make those not familiar to the series go, "is Touhou an anime series?"

Warning: the videos here are mostly your kawaii-desu moestuff. Don't say I didn't warn ya =B

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Procrastinating by Touhouing, Part 1

While I'm busy (?) procrastinating, I've been Touhouing as usual. The activities would include looking at Touhou fanarts, playing the game, listening to the musics, and reading the doujins. You know, the usual.

I'm still high and dry

Some people asked me if all is well here at my home, probably after the news reported how bad the flood is up north only after the worst is over. Well, true, I might not really be up to date with the news, but I was somewhat surprised that after I returned back here to discover the the flood have pretty much receded, the news still show footage of the flood as if to imply that the flood is still taking place.

And don't forget their attack on the minister too. And his counter-attack. Bahhh politic shits.

Anywayyyy... I've been here for more than a week now, and my final starts in about a week. And what am I doing? Why, procrastinating, of course!

Last week, I had a sort-of-stress after I realized that I haven't done a worthwhile thing regarding studies. Not to mention that I haven't conducted the final year fieldwork, which on hindsight, I should have started even earlier than now.

But, after a while, I thought that, hey, no point getting a stomach ulcer ala Najib over these things, eh? Let's take it easy~ (yeah right...)

TL;DR: I'm still alive, going to have exam, busy procrastinating. Imma be writing what is it that I'm doing while I'm procrastinating: stay tune for the next post aight.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The show must go on

Since there isn't anything else to do here in Selangor, we will be heading back to Alor Setar by tomorrow morning.

A good thing too, since I can't seem to study AT ALL here: it's not because of the uninterrupted (relatively) fast internet connection - tho that may contribute a bit to my lazyness - but I think this has more to do with the house that I'm staying, which encourage one to either sleep through the whole day, or to head out somewhere else.

By the way, here's a picture on the current flood at my place:

I'll be back, Alor Setar... I'll be back...

When the levee breaks

When the levee breaks
I'll have no place to stay
Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan
Lord, mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,

Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home,

Oh, well, oh, well, oh, well
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes, when I think about it...

I feel that I'm such a slowpoke

This useless random message was NOT endorsed by

Monday, November 1, 2010

Animangaki 2010

I am of course not saying that I am one - I'm just not hardcore enough to be called as one. But I could totally relate to the point mentioned here.

Anyway, let's get down to the real content of this post:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

They see me trolling


Yeah I'm procrastinating from study - business as usual

On Touhou: a brief history of a fan's procrastination

If you wanna know, I’m a terrible procrastinator and delayer. In addition to that, I’m rather slow at picking up the latest fad/craze/trend/jumping into the bandwagon. And nothing better illustrate it than observing the sequence of events that lead to my current obsession with Touhou.

Don't say lazy – lest you end up as a shut-in like her

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hang Tuah & co, animu style

Yeah that's right. Apparently there is a joint venture between our own local animation studio, Funcel, with the renowned-but-rather-inconsistent studio Gonzo.

Sound unlikely? You'd better believe it.

Let's learn English: the F word

Ask any person with a small grip on English, and he woulda know what the F word means.

It's not fishes by the way. Or fart. Or fun. Or freak. Yeah, that F word - don't act all innocent now eh?

Posting this 'cause I'm in the mood for shouting this word, heh.

For more f'in fun, here's the F word, in le olde English (or so claimed the artist):

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spur of the moment: building a problem

I'm sure by now most people are aware of one of the aspect of Malaysia's 2011 Budget - those who don't know much about the budget... raise my hand.

I'll be honest, politics and economics are two field that I practically have no knowledge of. Well, OK, that's not entirely true for the first case (it's sometime fun to hear debates between those politics people, not to mention that the word itself carry a bigger meaning than the one confined in elections), but I can't say the same for economics.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spur of the moment: internet make information finding a hell lot easier

(Hmm, so I'm now writing this off the bat: I think, therefore I write. On the spot. My usual stuff is to think of a certain topic for a while before posting them up here - so yeah, this is a semi-spontaneous stuff.

I'm planning to write similar posts in the future, too, so look forward for more of this type of posts)

Of Geodes, Geology, and Gempak

Sure is G around here...

I'm not sure how many of people my age are still reading Gempak magazine, and from that number, I'm sure the number geologists there would be at an even smaller number.

Reason why I mentioned geologists is because of a recent ep in a ass-kicking chicks with some amount of pantsu shot comic series:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day in the life of a budak batu: the fieldworks

Alright, since there is a serious lack of geology in this blog, plus a bit of prodding from a few people (well, a very small number actually), I figured I should get back on writing on this particular subject that have interested me ever since I was a kid, when collecting rocks is among some of the way I spend my pastime (yeah, I’m that kind of kid).

Right then: I figured that I’ll start with the aspect of geology that is not too technical, easy to relate with, and most importantly, something that I don’t have to crack my brain to find all the facts: it is the fieldwork of the geology course that I’ve been enrolled to.

Please read it easy~

(Disclaimer: no rocks were harmed during the writing of this post)

A rocker, I am (literally)

I got my fix

As of around 7 PM, the wireless connection of my residential college is up and running again.

While it is true that I do get internet connection in the last few days (with the base at a top secret location), it is just not the same with accessing the net from my own room.

I hope they won't cut off the net so soon - it has been more than 3 weeks since we've gotten the wifi here. Bleh, good thing they didn't cut the water as well.

Yeah, yeah, I'm an internet addict, I admit it. Oh, and this college totally SUCKS. BIG TIME.

I'm done here ranting. Next post will be coming up very soon - look forward to it =D

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So from what I learned, today is the annual Moe Day (the otakus would know about this). And since today is a special day of 10/10/10, I decided to put a bit of effort into drawing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Down the drain

Shits are happening lately: ergo, my lack of motivation to write anything here for the past couple of days (well, along with some other more important things too).

Internet is still down, so I'm spending my (internet browsing time) at a location that is, well, not really conductive for internet browsing (mainly because it's 'indecent' to do so - get the hint?)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banning anime in Malaysia?

In an article procatively titled 'Filem animasi Jepun bahaya' (Japanese animated films are dangerous) in Kosmo, and another lesser procatively titled 'Animasi Jepun Paling Bahaya Untuk Tontonan Kanak-Kanak ' (Japan animation deemed dangerous for children viewing) in mStar, it appears that anime has yet again came under fire (remember that one article in a certain tabloid associating anime with pornography?)

An anime enthusiast would have complained that anime is getting the same treatment like it did when the article in question came out way back, but think about it:

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Star (13/9/10)

I guess I came back here rather too soon.

Anyway, I thought that these are too good to pass up, and so would take a minute or two to put it up here:

(as usual, click for larger resolution

a certain grip of geology would certainly help in appreciating these comics

...not much though, ahaha)

Mah blogger homie is on the newspaper!

How're you doing on this fine Raya day, everyone? Are you still visiting houses, collecting your duit raya, stuffing your stomach, and meeting obnoxious and annoying relatives?

Or, are you now sitting in front of your PC, browsing through the net, just like a certain bored blogger?

Anyway, there's this one pretty interesting article on the newspaper just a day before Raya, and let me quote it:

Hidden Illuminati symbols can be found in the design and shape of both delicacies, at least according to a young Malay blogger, Lufkin. The checkerboard folds of ketupat wrapping, and scroll-like shape of the lemang have sinister meanings, he said in his blog post.

Wow, this Lufkin must be one crazy conspiracy theorist, right?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The hottest thing now, mang!

It's kinda funny how this thing happened after I wrote this entry not too long ago.

And just as with the said entry, my response to this whole situation is:

Let the facepalming commence!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Imma let you finish

A post on a meme? That's so unlike me

...not that I'm known for a distinctive writing style or anything, heh

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Death on the road

No, this has nothing to do with the album by Iron Maiden. And no, it's not as if there's any gory content here or anything.

So like any other good university student, I brought a bus ticket for a trip yesterday (Saturday), since I don't want to get myself in a traffic jam, when all the students are going back after classes are done on Friday.

But anyway, I'm not going to talk about the bus services, or about the current hoo-ha on some of the 'death trap' hotspots during the Raya season.

Allow me to show you a few road ads (not signs, see) that I encountered during the trip back home, which are ominous, meh, and WTF (not necessarily in that order):

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things on the internet that make you want to facepalm

Well, if one were to make a list of said things, the list could be quite big - or small, if you're thickheaded (like the ones who do those things in the first place)

I brought this topic up because of this rather famous e-mail that one of my Facebook contact posted in his wall:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Director Satoshi Kon passed away

TOKYO – Acclaimed Japanese animated film director Satoshi Kon, known for "Tokyo Godfathers," "Millennium Actress" and other prize-winning movies, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was 46.

Considered one of Japan's most exciting directors of animated films, or "anime," Kon was born in 1963 on the island of Hokkaido and debuted as a comic book artist at age 23 while still an art student at Musashino Art University near Tokyo. He began making animated films about 1990, establishing a style that blurred the boundaries of reality and fantasy.

Kon died Tuesday, his wife Kyoko said in a statement released on his official website, Kon's Tone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Music the great communicator

Co-incidentally, there were some talk of musicians in some other blogs that I'm watching, so the timing for this post is... I dunno, good?

Anyway, I figured that after my rambling on anime watching, I'd talk a bit on my music listening. Bear with me as I go on for a bit of rambling...

My brother once described my music taste as 'indie'. He was of course not really comparing my choice of musicians to that of the so-called 'indie musicians' - what he was merely pointing out was that I listen to many different genre of music - with some genre that is even rather hard to pinpoint.

Friday, August 20, 2010

On internet: use your HEAD

It's near 2 AM, and I've just signed out of the mail after doing some last minute e-mailing. I then found this rather amusing article, which involves marriage and Facebook.

Marriage and Facebook? Doesn't sound too good, right?

Dread of the unknown hung in the air as Lynn France typed two words into the search box on Facebook: the name of the woman with whom she believed her husband was having an affair.

Click. And there it was, the stuff of nightmares for any spouse, cuckolded or not. Wedding photos. At Walt Disney World, no less, featuring her husband literally dressed as Prince Charming. His new wife, a pretty blonde, was a glowing Sleeping Beauty, surrounded by footmen.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radiohead have great song (and great video too)

While writing about narcissist and attention seekers in the last post, I was looking for the lyric of a song by a certain rock band from UK. I am of course referring to the great Radiohead (shame you if you don't know them =P), and the song in question is just "Just"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not wanting to be called a hypocrite...

Yes, yes, I know I've talked about the reason why I started this blog a while ago, but let me just make it a little clearer:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mandatory Ramadhan post

You know, a while ago I mention how this blog won't be too personal and stuff... well, I guess I'll still try to keep it that way - i.e. I won't indulge too much about myself here (unlike those 'syok sendiri' people, haha)

With that being said, I would like to wish everyone out there a happy Ramadhan - and take care of your health (there's been a lot of flu recently, and the image of a lecture hall where practically everyone is coughing is somewhat unnerving)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Calling all animu fans!

If you think of it, it's kinda funny for a people of a country to have the desire to emulate those of a distant, faraway country, in which those two doesn't share any cultural similarity at all.

I'm of course talking about Japanophile, a.k.a. the condition (or disease? lol!) where a non-Japanese person have an affinity with the land of the rising sun. Or as the great wiki sums it: "Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and all things Japanese. (Its opposite is Japanophobia.) One who has such an interest or love is a Japanophile."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Touhou: the other side of the game

I’ll be honest about Touhou: I’ve heard about it way back since last year, but I’ve never actually check it out until about a few month ago.

And I’ve since then come to be a big fan of Touhou, and while it’s still too soon to say so, I think I’ll continue to stick around the series for quite a while.

Anyway, moving on to the post…

Jun'ya Ota @ ZUN, the loli loving, booze drinking, awesome creator of Touhou

Jun, a certain geologist from a certain university from a certain country (no relationship with the former, but related to yours truly)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let's play indie game #3: Touhou

All right, I guess I should finally sit down and write about the last out of three indie games I'm playing - I planned to write this earlier, but my schedule is quite packed lately (that, plus I was going for an anime-manga convention recently - might write that one later)

Anyway, we'll now look at the shoot em up indie game, Touhou.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's cosplay as politicians!

I'm planning to write the next (and last, heh) entry on indie game, but I'll take a break to show this one picture of a cosplay mentioned by a blog (which is not actually related to anime or cosplay, if you want to know):

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's play indie game #2: Cave Story

OK, now we've come to the second of the indie games (that I've played, of course) - and in my opinion, the most enjoyable and less-frustrating of them - Cave Story.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's nothing wrong with the blog title

Unless if you wanna be picky about terminology, and then point out, 'hey, it's tectonic plate, not plate tectonic'...

Anyway, there's a reason for that, as shown by this song:

(skip straight to 0:37- 0:40)

And that's all there is to it =P

Let's play indie game #1: Tower of Heaven

OK, so I thought I might get around to mention about these indie games I mentioned in the previous post...

Let's start of with perhaps the most challenging out of them:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doodles & indie games

Since I'm currently stuck with a fever (plus the noises of the nearby renovation is driving me up the wall), I can't do anything much other than turn on the music way the hell up.

After I saw that I can't seem to sit down and finish my assignment, I decided to sit down and do a bit of doodling:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the same vein with last entry

I was reading through the entries of Mountain Beltway (it's the 'non-Malaysia geology blog' at the blog lists at the right -->) and I remembered chuckling at one part of this entry:

Here’s three shots from last weekend, of folds (some kinky) which deform Harpers Formation foliation, just south of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Can you guess the key word there? C: (I'm sure the author wasn't really thinking of wordplaying when writing the entry)

This reminds me of someone who was grinning at the mention of 'lipatan ketat' (tight folds, in Bahasa Melayu), haha

You know you're obsessed with geology...

...when you even started dreaming of them.

I wish I could say it involves a degree of cleavages (the tectonic varieties, you perverts =P) or faults (again, the tectonic varieties), but it actually involves some sort of ogling at outcrops and getting all excited.

Well, I guess from one point, it's not so bad after all (tho I suppose most would have otherwise prefer more... exciting ones, ohoho).

Guess I could consider myself as a true blue geologist then (hahaha).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hoax in geology

Very recently, I went to a fieldwork with a few fellow lecturers and students (I might write that sometime in the future). It was there that one of the lecturer recalled one of his supervisor exposing a fraud by a certain Indian geologist.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why geology?

Yes, yes, I know what I just said about the stuff that I put at LJ... So anyway, I guess I'll do a bit of review on the subject of my interest: geology.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Spur of the moment

You know, when I said I was gonna keep this blog low on personal stuff, that got me thinking: was there even a rule stating what should and should not be put in a blog?

Of course, I'd think that was more of a rhetorical question.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bring down the government

They dont/They don't speak for us
(No Surprises - Radiohead)

I was somewhat amused at this news: I don't know about you, but don't you think they're kinda blowing things off proportion here when they said, "All three publications have been banned for their contents that can influence the people to revolt against the leaders and government policies"?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why life is stranger than fiction

We were discussing about a TV series (The Vampire Diaries) when someone - who was possibly not wholly paying attention - then asked if the said series was based on real story.

But of course, we pointed out that real life wouldn't be like that. In fact, it's a lot more complex. I mean, think about it:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ads 101

So, to start off with a real post... let's get the ball rolling and go for something totally random.

Anyone who's from here would have noticed these two ads: one for Samsung air conditioner and Nippon paint. While these two products seems totally different from each other, they both share the same claim: that is, the ability to absorb and neutralize harmful substances (they are virus and bacterias, and formaldehyde, respectively)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the beginning

Hm, right, the obligatory intro post.

Well, I guess it's suffice to know that, after some time thinking (and seeing a few people that I knew blogging, lol), I decided that I'd create a blog to, more or less, express some of my thoughts.

And yes, like the blog's name suggest, expect the posts to be more geology oriented (or, at the very least, with a dash of geology). But I really think that I'd actually end up writing whatever it is that comes to mind (see text at the side)... so yes, expect random writings a-coming.

Personal stuff will be kept low (hey, that's what LJ are for right?)

And that's all for now.