Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The hottest thing now, mang!

It's kinda funny how this thing happened after I wrote this entry not too long ago.

And just as with the said entry, my response to this whole situation is:

Let the facepalming commence!

I'm sure by now, most people here are aware - or at least get the gist of it - that there is a certain advertisement on TV3 for Aidilfitri that is under fire.

What is it now about the ad that makes it so controversial? Was it too racial, too sexy, too violent, or... too stupid?

Apparently, people were complaining that the ad was deemed to 'undermine Islam,' and at the same time, containing hidden message from the Illuminati.

Seriously, go and have a look at this blog post, and watch as they go on to 'proof' how the enemies of Islam try to deface Islamic values!

After watching the video a few time (which you can't find now on youtube, unfortunately), I can agree, that yes, maybe the producer should have thought beforehand before making this ad (maybe he doesn't know how the majority of the Islam practicing - I'm refraining from mentioning who they really are, but you get the idea - would react to an ad like this).

OK, I lied, there is one video of the ad, but it's top secret OK!!!

But for those people to overanalyze it to the point where they question the littlest thing such as the backdrop of a scene? What do they think this is, find the hidden Mickey?

That's just laughable... had it not been the fact that these people are damn serious. Man, no wonder these guys take the whole Illuminati thing seriously - it's all about finding the hidden symbols, is it now?

Hey look, it's a hidden Mickey!!

As for the 'symbols' of other religion (the beca 'sledge', lotus and candle), I have a question for those who refuse to be associated with them: would you not agree that some of our customs - don't confuse them with religious obligations OK - are not those from the Middle East, nor is it from the Malay custom? Duit raya? Lighting up pelita during Hari Raya?

Hey, if you're absolutely against Christmas because of it's not an Islamic tradition, why are you fine with the Malaysian's Aidilfitri custom?

Hypocritical much?

But that's not all. There's more, and it's giving me the urge to facepalm every now and then.

You see, some people out there (OK, make that a lot) are just too thick and too serious like bloody Serious Sam that they don't understand the meaning of the word 'parody' and 'sarcasm'.

There are two blog posts (but I'm sure there are other of similar nature) that are written not long after the whole hoo-hah starts: one mock those who overanalyze the ad, while the other one take a jab at those who are obsessed with conspiracy theories.

Here, go through the comments, and see for yourself how close-minded some people can be, and how unfunny they are. Suddenly, you get all these ustaz and ustazah (which we can't say for sure, 'cause most of them are faceless Anonymous) who spout out all those typical words like 'bertaubatlah', 'ini menghina agama Islam' etc etc.

To them, I can only say this: take it easy guys (or gals)!

They're taking it easy

Well, in the end, I guess that's just how the world works. It'd be nice if this was an ideal world, where everyone is rational and clear thinking... but then again, I'm sure the world would be a cold, boring, and ultimately, dead place.

Anyway, I'm rambling again, heh. All right, since I'm in the mood and all:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone, and don't let this ad drive you up the wall, aight? (but then again, it has been removed already hahahaha)

P/S: I want to eat a lemang, mmm
P/SS: I was wrong, apparently you could still find those videos on youtube


  1. almost lost my faith to humanity...

  2. Cool man, there's still a lot of open and like-minded people like us, right?

    But it'd be great if one of these day, technology would make it possible to punch (idiotic) people over the internet hahaha

  3. lol really love that mang! tumbuk screen laptop terus kena muke anon..