Saturday, May 20, 2017

RIP Chris Cornell

I'm sure by now most are aware on the news of the passing of Chris Cornell last Wednesday - in what is reported as him taking his own life. While it might be tempting to debate on the exact nature of how he died (for example, whether drugs had an affect in his action prior to his death), I can't help but felt an eerie feeling when, the first thing I thought when I heard of his passing - this was before the report that it was suicide - was one particular interview on one of their song, Outshined:

"I don't know how everyone else feels...but I definitely go through periods of extreme self-confidence, feeling like I can do anything. Perhaps a fan will sense that, like in a performance, and the hero image creeps out. But then someone will say something, however insignificant, or I'll get something in my head and, all of a sudden, I'm plummeting in the opposite direction, I'm a piece of shit, and I really can't do anything about it. That's where "Outshined" comes from, and why I'll never consider myself a hero."
Chris Cornell 

Admittedly I haven't listened to Soundgarden in ages, nor have I listened to much of Cornell's other works... I did however remember being stuck in a dark period years ago - and it was from coming across the quote above that got me to rant on the subject of ego and... well, I'm not sure what the hell it was that I rambled here.

News like this never fail to shake me to my core - I go through occasional dark periods, and at times I do wonder if I was going to make it...? I'm not sure if that battle is going to be settled anytime soon, if ever, but I'm damn trying. 

Whatever the exact circumstances were, it's a shame that he was to be gone early. Rest in peace Chris Cornell, a lot of us are gonna miss you man. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Some drawings I did

I've been slow in drawing recently, so I thought I'd put up some pieces that I've been working on earlier this year, for some friends.

I have a couple of pieces that I was planning to finish for last month (March)... so I'd better work on them through this weekend, yeap.

Friday, March 17, 2017

So... old...

It was my birthday last wednesday. Nothing uneventful, though I did go through some old work from way back during high school, and marvelling at the long period of time until recently where I don't take drawing that seriously.

Anyway here's one from 2005-2006ish. Hard to say, since I didn't date my drawings back then:

Fun fact: The Pillows were formed the same year I was born 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I guess this is an update (+art dump)

I've been mulling over the purpose of writing out thoughts out here on the 'net: and it was not because of the fear that whatever I say will go into the void (though that used to be my fear, I admit...)