Thursday, April 5, 2012

So, I'm alive

I don't think half a month of no posting and usual dropping by at other blogs count as a long period of time, but sure felt so to me.

It's been about two weeks in Master program, and nothing much is going on really. I'm still in the process of setting out the direction of where my research would be - so I don't bumble along in the dark and all that. I've also applied for a demonstrator position (something to replace the tutor position - one which the university had removed, strangely enough), and will probably start working next week or the week after that.

So back to the student life I go, with the uncertainties of whether I could have enough to eat tomorrow, and the rush to finish reports and other works (I might exaggerate on the first part, but there never seem to be enough to spend for when you're studying, innit?)

I'll probably spam a random post very soon. Take it easy 'til then~