Saturday, June 30, 2012

Money spending

"Money’s paper. I wipe my ass with paper, you know. It’s not… it’s not that essential for my soul, you know. Can’t take it with you if I die tomorrow, big deal. I’ll have a lot of money that I didn’t spend." - Matt Pike, Such Hawks Such Hounds

I'm not interested on the ranting on how we can never seem to have enough money, and how some are lucky kids for being born with a silver spoon shoved up in a golden tray or whatever. Rather, as the deliberately chosen quote points out, it's more on the issue of spending them.

I was struck with the question on WHAT exactly do those rich people do with their money. For those with families, you could immediately see them spending like nothing, putting a temporary dropped jaws everywhere at just how much they spend on something in sum unimaginable.

So perhaps the way you spend your money is proportional to how much you are making. Well, fair enough. But the question then resolves on the stereotypical Scrooges everywhere - the ones who hoards on their wealth, shown in the form of vaults of gold bars (or in modern day, properties and amount of zeroes in their bank account).

Yes, saving is bloody important and everything, but where are ya going to be heading if you just stash up your wealth without spending them?

In the end, I think it's better to spend and save just enough money for the thing that matters. Spend them on something worthwhile. Invest them in something, I don't know. It's how you spend that matters, it seems. 'cause just letting the money sitting there ain't gonna turn them into something else.

Of course, us poor dudes are still poor dudes.

Coincidentally, the bass on this song is fantastic too

Monday, June 25, 2012

Forget Me Not (Foreground Eclipse)

Hope doing well somewhere
And I’m still here looking at the sky
From my room on my own

You’re not here by my side
But your smile is still in my mind
I won’t say I miss you

This song always manage to make me smile. 

I'm in the mood for Foreground Eclipse and  回路 -kairo- now. I might write a bit about these two later.

ADDENDUM: Given the right mood, this song does seem to either make you cry or smile. Or maybe even both.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Such Hawks Such Hounds (2008)

Actually I've watched this documentary ages ago (last year, even!), but I've never really thought about it until recently, when I've revisit the journey into the sound called Stoner Rock/Metal.

So I've rewatched it just now, and I'd like to put down some short thoughts on what I think about this documentary:

The download links are all pretty much gone now, so I settled with the Youtube one instead

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On being miserable

You know, with my recent attachment to Twitter, I find it hardly necessary to ramble around here. And then there's Fagbook. We know the drill...

Social networking is a big vacuum. It really is. Even more so if you're a self-professed procrastinator, ahah.

But man, I really miss blogging around here. Even if it's not much. I also missed reading all those blog posts. Now, let's try and get back into the groove shall we?

So, being miserable. It is a perhaps weird subject for me to comment on it, seeing that I'm more or less involved with it now and then. But in my moments of calmness, I then wondered why I spend that much time - and energy - on staying that way. It left me spent, really.

And it becomes such a way that the longer you stay in there, it becomes a feedback - you make the feeling grow.

But then, it's a normal part of being what we are. We have our days of high and low. But self depreciation goes a long way in making it no better. But, really, I don't know; this feature has been long ingrained in myself that I now have to make an extra effort NOT to think of myself in such a light. Because it's been eating me from inside, having storing it for so long. No kidding.

This is not by any means a new revelation. It's just at times I thought, 'why do I act in such ways when I could be the other way around?'. Not as radical as not being true to yourself, mind. It's just for my own betterment. Feel good and all that. Hey, being a pessimists doesn't necessarily mean being in suffering... does it?

Anyway, as I've said, everyone has their days. Don't let them get the better of you tho. Stay cool! Also, have a Patche~

I'll get back to blogging soon. Take it easy, blogosphere!