Thursday, June 21, 2012

On being miserable

You know, with my recent attachment to Twitter, I find it hardly necessary to ramble around here. And then there's Fagbook. We know the drill...

Social networking is a big vacuum. It really is. Even more so if you're a self-professed procrastinator, ahah.

But man, I really miss blogging around here. Even if it's not much. I also missed reading all those blog posts. Now, let's try and get back into the groove shall we?

So, being miserable. It is a perhaps weird subject for me to comment on it, seeing that I'm more or less involved with it now and then. But in my moments of calmness, I then wondered why I spend that much time - and energy - on staying that way. It left me spent, really.

And it becomes such a way that the longer you stay in there, it becomes a feedback - you make the feeling grow.

But then, it's a normal part of being what we are. We have our days of high and low. But self depreciation goes a long way in making it no better. But, really, I don't know; this feature has been long ingrained in myself that I now have to make an extra effort NOT to think of myself in such a light. Because it's been eating me from inside, having storing it for so long. No kidding.

This is not by any means a new revelation. It's just at times I thought, 'why do I act in such ways when I could be the other way around?'. Not as radical as not being true to yourself, mind. It's just for my own betterment. Feel good and all that. Hey, being a pessimists doesn't necessarily mean being in suffering... does it?

Anyway, as I've said, everyone has their days. Don't let them get the better of you tho. Stay cool! Also, have a Patche~

I'll get back to blogging soon. Take it easy, blogosphere! 


  1. A friend introduced me to twitter, and when he did around ~20-30 of his followers began following me. For a few days it was cool, but eventually I just lost interest...I don't really know why. =x

    1. Twitter is just cool if you're... well, the type to tweet like a bird so to speak (ahah)

  2. I never found the appeal to twitter. The character limit limits people to the textual equivalent of soundbytes rather than anything much meaningful.

    1. Strangely enough, I find that ascpet that makes it more bearable than Facebook. But that's just me tho