Saturday, June 30, 2012

Money spending

"Money’s paper. I wipe my ass with paper, you know. It’s not… it’s not that essential for my soul, you know. Can’t take it with you if I die tomorrow, big deal. I’ll have a lot of money that I didn’t spend." - Matt Pike, Such Hawks Such Hounds

I'm not interested on the ranting on how we can never seem to have enough money, and how some are lucky kids for being born with a silver spoon shoved up in a golden tray or whatever. Rather, as the deliberately chosen quote points out, it's more on the issue of spending them.

I was struck with the question on WHAT exactly do those rich people do with their money. For those with families, you could immediately see them spending like nothing, putting a temporary dropped jaws everywhere at just how much they spend on something in sum unimaginable.

So perhaps the way you spend your money is proportional to how much you are making. Well, fair enough. But the question then resolves on the stereotypical Scrooges everywhere - the ones who hoards on their wealth, shown in the form of vaults of gold bars (or in modern day, properties and amount of zeroes in their bank account).

Yes, saving is bloody important and everything, but where are ya going to be heading if you just stash up your wealth without spending them?

In the end, I think it's better to spend and save just enough money for the thing that matters. Spend them on something worthwhile. Invest them in something, I don't know. It's how you spend that matters, it seems. 'cause just letting the money sitting there ain't gonna turn them into something else.

Of course, us poor dudes are still poor dudes.

Coincidentally, the bass on this song is fantastic too


  1. Saving doesn't hurt. It must certainly bring peace of mind to know that there are multiple zeroes in one's bank account. At least, it would to me.

    1. It would certainly be the same for me too, but if you aren't spending them for your personal benefit (i.e. enjoyment), then it does seem like you're not making the most out of it.

      That is that I think tho.

  2. Money is an abstraction of cumulative time and effort. If people shouldn't have a lot of money then they should either stop doing stuff or spend all of it. Neither of which will satisfy other people. I think the actual problem is that people want other people's money... But if you are poor it might take several generations of careful planning to secure a financially stable position for your family.

    I think people forget these things and would rather have the cheat code. That or they come up with elaborate narrative constructions to explain why people with money are in the wrong.

    I personally view it as a game which allows me to make unusual budgeting decisions, and the act of saving money is similar to keeping a critical tile for later use.

    1. Hmm yes, that's a good observation and perspective!

      It could also be said how some would think money grow on trees (however cliche that saying is), and they take it for granted...