Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reflecting on my Master level progress

So hey, been a while since I've actually written on anything on how my work is going eh?

To get back into the start of it all, I've enrolled in a full research Master level study here in the field of science (geology) for about a year now. There's so much time that has passed since... and yet - lets not mince on words here - very little real work has actually been done.

So what happened?

Monday, March 18, 2013

How strange, the old me

I was looking back at some of the older posts just now, and it struck me immediately how I was very much interested to report on the smallest things then. Slice of life, if you will.

In a way, this was back when I don't feel the need to spam my thoughts in social media (it didn't caught on at that time), so I have ample time to work out on my thoughts. Now, it's pretty much instant gratification that I expect...

And the blogosphere was very much active back then too.

Of course one very important thing I take note of is how some part of me regressed intellectually. Perhaps because I haven't exercise my critical thinking as much, which leads to rather sloppy (at least that's how I view it myself) writing nowadays.

Slowly, I try to get back into the hang of things. Writing for the sake of writing. Writing with an intention of them being read by someone else, as opposed to an angry scribbling on the wall. And the likes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Jungle Seminar: 7 Essential Lessons for Success (book review)

There's a bit of long gap - much longer than I expected - between the last post, even when I have tried to make it a habit of writing again.

Perhaps it is fitting then that this post would touch on a book that I've read recently: The Jungle Seminar by Boris von Smercek. It's a light read, that I managed to finish in one evening (with the odd nap thrown in between).