Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Touhou Project to Kantai Collection

There has been a lot of talk of Kantai Collection, with noticeable jump to the series from hardcore and true blue Touhou fans (present company included), that I feel the time is ripe to talk about this phenomena, in the midst of all the bad ship puns being cranked out now and then (by yours truly, who else?!).

Like so

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Wind Rises

I have just watched The Wind Rises - a work that is tauted to be Miyazaki's last movie - and I've only realized that there are a few of his past movies which I didn't get to watch (Ponyo being the newer ones post-Princess Mononoke, with a bunch of older works, Graveyard Of The Fireflies being his notable work that I haven't watched yet)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[Drawing] Don't need them seaplanes!

KanColle Spring Event 2014 started today, and seaplanes, recon planes and high LOS ships are what we seem to need. Amidst slow internet connection - and a bit of excitement over some of the new ships released - I had the idea to draw this.

Kiso must be biting back her words, what’s with the requirement for the event, heh.

And yeah, that’s a Type 0 Observation Seaplane if you were guessing what it was. Even managed to draw the fairy too haha. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Drawing] Shakinbanki

This is actually my first attempt at colouring digitally after a ... long, long time (not to say I've been extensively colouring digitally then: so this is something like trying out a new stuff for me). I’ve noticed these two can be represented well with the three basic colours, so I went with that.

The moment I saw Haruna I could immediately imagine her sitting side by side with Sekibanki (and maybe Vincent (Valentine) thrown in the mix somewhere - shoulda done that, heh); Kagerou and Youtaro/Kirishima are there just because.

I should try drawing a Kagerou/Kagerou one next... 

Seriously, why don't we see more pairing of these two? (something like this: the only other instance I could find them both...)

Show your work!

I'm reading  Austin Kleon's Show Your Work! (after I've just finished its companion, Steal Like An Artist): two books that I'm sure most people who're interested in creative works would appreciate.

Even before reading the books, I've come to realize that to show your works - despite it's crappiness, despite how you find it terrible to the work of others, despite not receiving much attention (we're talking about social media here) as you would expect - really take guts. It's gotten me to think, what have I been working on if I were to judge what they do?

(but of course, critiques and talk of improvement is another thing: at least they're doing something with their work).

This is something of a reminder for myself - I've pledged that I should put up my works, if I were really serious about the whole art stuff. It'd be good to view them over times too, instead of just sitting hidden elsewhere gathering dusts...