Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

They see me trolling


Yeah I'm procrastinating from study - business as usual

On Touhou: a brief history of a fan's procrastination

If you wanna know, I’m a terrible procrastinator and delayer. In addition to that, I’m rather slow at picking up the latest fad/craze/trend/jumping into the bandwagon. And nothing better illustrate it than observing the sequence of events that lead to my current obsession with Touhou.

Don't say lazy – lest you end up as a shut-in like her

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hang Tuah & co, animu style

Yeah that's right. Apparently there is a joint venture between our own local animation studio, Funcel, with the renowned-but-rather-inconsistent studio Gonzo.

Sound unlikely? You'd better believe it.

Let's learn English: the F word

Ask any person with a small grip on English, and he woulda know what the F word means.

It's not fishes by the way. Or fart. Or fun. Or freak. Yeah, that F word - don't act all innocent now eh?

Posting this 'cause I'm in the mood for shouting this word, heh.

For more f'in fun, here's the F word, in le olde English (or so claimed the artist):

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spur of the moment: building a problem

I'm sure by now most people are aware of one of the aspect of Malaysia's 2011 Budget - those who don't know much about the budget... raise my hand.

I'll be honest, politics and economics are two field that I practically have no knowledge of. Well, OK, that's not entirely true for the first case (it's sometime fun to hear debates between those politics people, not to mention that the word itself carry a bigger meaning than the one confined in elections), but I can't say the same for economics.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spur of the moment: internet make information finding a hell lot easier

(Hmm, so I'm now writing this off the bat: I think, therefore I write. On the spot. My usual stuff is to think of a certain topic for a while before posting them up here - so yeah, this is a semi-spontaneous stuff.

I'm planning to write similar posts in the future, too, so look forward for more of this type of posts)

Of Geodes, Geology, and Gempak

Sure is G around here...

I'm not sure how many of people my age are still reading Gempak magazine, and from that number, I'm sure the number geologists there would be at an even smaller number.

Reason why I mentioned geologists is because of a recent ep in a ass-kicking chicks with some amount of pantsu shot comic series:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day in the life of a budak batu: the fieldworks

Alright, since there is a serious lack of geology in this blog, plus a bit of prodding from a few people (well, a very small number actually), I figured I should get back on writing on this particular subject that have interested me ever since I was a kid, when collecting rocks is among some of the way I spend my pastime (yeah, I’m that kind of kid).

Right then: I figured that I’ll start with the aspect of geology that is not too technical, easy to relate with, and most importantly, something that I don’t have to crack my brain to find all the facts: it is the fieldwork of the geology course that I’ve been enrolled to.

Please read it easy~

(Disclaimer: no rocks were harmed during the writing of this post)

A rocker, I am (literally)

I got my fix

As of around 7 PM, the wireless connection of my residential college is up and running again.

While it is true that I do get internet connection in the last few days (with the base at a top secret location), it is just not the same with accessing the net from my own room.

I hope they won't cut off the net so soon - it has been more than 3 weeks since we've gotten the wifi here. Bleh, good thing they didn't cut the water as well.

Yeah, yeah, I'm an internet addict, I admit it. Oh, and this college totally SUCKS. BIG TIME.

I'm done here ranting. Next post will be coming up very soon - look forward to it =D

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So from what I learned, today is the annual Moe Day (the otakus would know about this). And since today is a special day of 10/10/10, I decided to put a bit of effort into drawing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Down the drain

Shits are happening lately: ergo, my lack of motivation to write anything here for the past couple of days (well, along with some other more important things too).

Internet is still down, so I'm spending my (internet browsing time) at a location that is, well, not really conductive for internet browsing (mainly because it's 'indecent' to do so - get the hint?)