Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pre C81 fangirling

As with what I've done before, some rambling on the albums for the upcoming C81 that I'm looking forward to:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011

Alrighty, obligatory post-event report (or picspamming, to be more exact)

As of last year, this one ends up being Touhou-oriented. The #1 reason for this, most would already be acquainted with by now; and as for #2: all of the pictures are taken by someone else, who somewhat have similar preference.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suddenly, it's only...

Near mid of December already. And that one event is just less than a week away. And I'm not properly ready for it yet. Got some stuff that I have to finalize.

This year I'm not coming to the event in civilian clothes. Yeap, it's what you think it is. Nervous + anxious + excited + I wonder what will happen on that day. Might let out more on that in post-event review. Maybe.

Slow progress on Master application. Planning to do so next week, see the head of department and stuff. Go meet lecturers. Have lunch with dudes I haven't seen for a while. Plan plan plan plan. The cogs and wheels in my head are turning. I'm writing haiku in my head to put things into perspective (wait, what)

...OK. Got a whole load of stuff in my backlog, but those might be pushed in times when I don't have anything to write. Or just sit there for god knows how long.

Why am I writing all this. I dunno. Just for the sake of writing I guess. Gehhhhhhh

Ah well, random pic, since I don't know what else to put as filler. Have at it:

In my book, 2nd after nonomy (??!!).

Writing will probably resume after christmas. Or after next weekend.

Take it easy guys~