Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pre C81 fangirling

As with what I've done before, some rambling on the albums for the upcoming C81 that I'm looking forward to:

The most anticipated ones

I didn't know there was even a Barrage Am Ring album being produced. Anyway, this sounds pretty much like Barrage Am Ring 1 (still couldn't beat the awesomeness of the first one - Barrage Am Ring 0), so I'm not actually too excited - but the fact that xi-on is part of the project had me looking forward to this release.

CROW'SCLAW presents us with an original work album, and this time with (engrish) vocals. Having said that, I always liked Yamagen ever since he lend his voice on the The Young Descendent of Tepes on Barrage Am Ring. His shift from clean vocal to scream is amazing.


After 2 years, amidst much waiting and hair pulling, one of the Touhou Metal Arrangement Gods, Demetori, returns. And from the preview, a lot of people were comparing the new work with Pundarika. Which is fine by my, since I dig the heavy sound of that album; gotta love them 8 strings guitar. Definitely the most anticipated album for this Comiket.


Foreground Eclipse is out with their 3rd album, and they did a cover of a song (I don't know which band did the original) and 2 original track. The Kogasa arrangement was a pleasant surprise; it's the track that I'm looking forward the most.

First of all, whoa. Clocking at 14 minute, this is the longest crossfade I've ever come across. Ah well, it's no secret that I'm drawn for their last album (as well as this one) due to Ranko and Merami. I've heard of Chata before, but I'm honestly not familiar with IZNA . Seems like the album is Ten Desires themed.

The title made me laugh somewhat. I wonder if they intended it to come out as Sadomasoim, instead of something else. Engrish much?

So no Abecky this time around huh? I've heard plenty of ウェストヴィレッジ from Undead Corporation, so I'm used to his voice already (even tho on the first listening, his voice kinda emits a strange unconscious growling from my own throat, huh.

The instrumental tracks are pretty good. Bach certainly can shred like a boss. Also, a random PC-98 arrangement, not a bad thing at all.

I'm kinda disappointed how Akemi is not on this album, but eh. The album does seems to pack a lot of heaviness for this one. Screaming and growling vocals for those who dig metalcore. So far I love the arrangement for Rumia out of all the tracks (And is that Akemi there on the vocal? If so, then YES).

Near the end (at least from the crossfade) the vocals becomes all garbled and nonsense. But I guess it's a standard fare for metalcore eh? (no offense meant to those who are into the genre, mind).

Another instrumental affair from Unlucky Morpheus (collaboration with Icarus'cry). Yuki is slowly becoming one of my favourite guitarist when it comes to Touhou arrangement - just listen how his finger moves on the fretboard. There's also a bit of break with jazzy and classical tunes here and there. It's Amazement Park and Heavy Metal Be-Bop again - and I ain't complaining.

(incidentally, if you like Eurobeat, their other release might interest you)

The usual regulars

IRON ATTACK! -Nice, a couple of Ten Desires arrangement. The acoustic intro of the Rural Makai City Esoteria is pretty sweet. We all know Iron-Chino's prowess on the fretboard already; nothing here knock me off my seat really.

Buta Otome - Is that Dark Side Of Fate in the beginning? It's certainly a different feel compared to their last arrangement of the theme. Also, one of the track sounds (7th track if I'm not mistaken) like the heaviest they did so far; props to comp for trying something different on that track.

There's also the full instrumental piano album from paprika by the way.

xi-on - They are always pleasant to listen to, and this album doesn't seem to disappoint. The arrangement for Broken Moon is something that the album title spells out: I'm expecting to listen that one.

Other circles' albums I'm looking out for


Kissing The Mirror (the presence of Albert interest me somewhat)
Pizuya's Cell
Pocket AD (never heard anything from these guys before; giving them a try)
Sister's Spreadi-i
South Of Heaven
Syrufit X Pizuya's Cell

Wow what a list.



  1. I'm not knowledgeable in what all this is about (, but hey, I liked the previews! Particularly the Foreground Eclipse and the fourteen-minute one.

    Could that Faith and Warfare art be an homage to the cover of AC/DC's 'Who Made Who'.

  2. Oh, it's Comiket again. I had forgotten about it, even though I know it's always around this time of the year. Or how to put it.

    The only two albums I'm interested in are Demetori and CROW'SCLAW's new ones. It's nice that CROW'SCLAW's releasing another original album. I think I prefer Taka's music instrumental though, but I haven't heard this one yet, so I probably shouldn't say anything. It would've been nice if Demetori did an original album as well (or another one with songs from various games) instead, but I look forward to get that one anyway.

    And Happy New Year, man!