Friday, December 23, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011

Alrighty, obligatory post-event report (or picspamming, to be more exact)

As of last year, this one ends up being Touhou-oriented. The #1 reason for this, most would already be acquainted with by now; and as for #2: all of the pictures are taken by someone else, who somewhat have similar preference.

Before we get to the good stuff, some comments on the event:

As with most of those who were there, I would testify that the 1st day was a DISASTER in terms of crowd control. Now I've been to the same event last year, and I could agree that this year, the venue was larger. BUT! Add to a larger crowd + the butthurt looking and rude management of the venue - who seems to view the crowds with a certain amount of contempt - and you have something akin to a packed sardine in a can (except that these sardines are angry). Seriously, some people are left to stand outside of the convention hall, with the light drizzle coming down and all; I really pity those people who are denied access to even purchase the entry ticket.

Most of us who managed to get in were stuck in Hall 4 for half of the day (reserved for cosplayers, photo taking, and to ship in people who just arrived), so we didn't really get to see the doujin booths and stage performance for Day 1.

Hall 4, pre-lockdown

2nd day was somewhat better, even though I heard that the number of crowd was actually more than Day 1. I guess it's because the management doesn't butt in as much as the day before. Anyway, hats off to the CF committee for their hard work in keeping the event running smoothly.

There was a good number of Touhou cosplay this time, and what makes it better is how most of us decided to stick around as a group rather than going off solo. In the future tho, we would very much like to actually gather all the people in a group. To quote:

"next time, lets have a kyouko cos, with a flag on her broom saying "TOUHOU HIJACK LOL" and let her call up every touhou and gather at one place"

I'm betting not many people would recognize them as Touhou character (especially Renko)

Uhhh pretend that this is Flan 4000 years later

Random madness, we've got 'em aplenty:

Much of our random madness ensue with the Marisa

A bit of loot from the event:

2 bootleg nendo (gotten them from someone), 1 ofuda (found in my bag), 1 DS screenshot photo thingamijie (received from a Hatate cosplayer), 3 books, and 1 sticker sets

Oh, and here's something for those who are interested in numbers and figures: a comparison between the Touhou cosplayers in CF 2010 and CF 2011.

More character variation this year, although people were commenting on how there's a lot of Yuuka cosplay this year. Not a bad turnout; it's nice seeing the series growing.

I'll end this sort-of report with the best picture of the event. I really love this one:

'til next time~


  1. It looks like you had a good time despite the management issues (the room does look a bit bare, or maybe that's how it's meant to be for the cosplay area). The costumes look pretty good in the pics.

    Touhou must be pretty popular at cons over there, it's cool to see more than just one or two lone Touhou cosplays.

  2. That sucks about the management issues, yo. Angry sardines sounds chaotic.

    Nice photographs and costumes. Looks like a really fun atmosphere.

  3. wait, that ain't nendos. those are Toranoana's figures. saw those sold at a bookshop at sunway pyramid

  4. @serenity & Nevah: I decided to say, screw the management and angry people, I'm gonna make the best out of the situation. With that being said, I'm not sure I'll enjoy it as much if there weren't the other guys to hang out with

    @Zoidiect: hmmm, guess so. Tho the guy who gave me those insisted that they're the bootleg version, but I dunno. Dat Patchy is so HNGHHHHHHHHHHH regardless.