Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

So. I went to Comic Fiesta for both day, and stayed for the whole day.

It was very tiring - I spend practically the whole day standing - and I was very very nervous on going to the event (on both day I actually had 'take it easy' chanting in my head on and on)...

But lemme tell you, that it was FUCKING AWESOME.

Picture very related

Photo spamming ensues below:

NOTE: I am in no way responsible for anyone being put off by some of the cosplayer - watch it easy!

Day 1

I decided to walk around a bit, to get myself in the mood (and also to ease that uneasy feeling in my stomach - it's nervousness, not diarrhea).

After some time spent looking around, I started off my cosplayers picture taking with a Touhou character:

As it turns out, there was an abundance of Touhou cosplayers on that day:


See that shimenawa? I was told that the Kanako cosplayer was not really in the mood to cosplay her. Alas...

Man, the costume is pretty good

When I was going to take a picture of Reimu, I was greeted by a girl from one of our local forum. I was rather surprised that someone online knew me IRL.

Reimu with glasses: moe?

After going on a cosplayers picture taking spree, I went inside and take it easy by looking at some of them Touhou figures in the hall:

Cpt.Awesome should be familiar with this one...

WARNING: crossplayer alert


Sakuya and his(?) ojou-sama, Remilia

I actually knew that this guy was going to cosplay as Sakuya male version, but I didn't expect it to turn out so well. No pads joke for you


Marisa, Rinnosuke, Reimu... alternate costume?

The timepiece was a nice touch by the way


Yeah, I'm putting mostly Touhou cosplay pic in here, 'cause I can.

For the rest of Day 1 pic, check out the album at my Fagbook page.

Day 2

The nervousness return, with vengeance - it felt as if I could pass out anytime. Yup, that's how nervous I was.

I let some time pass to ease the nervousness a bit, and went on for picture taking.

As with Day 1, I started off with a Touhou cosplayer:

EDIT: Interestingly, this was also the same cosplayer that did Satori on Day 1... so basically, I started both day of picture taking with her.

At this point, while I was looking at the Touhou cosplayers, something happened, which goes on pretty much like this:

Guy: "Eirin, Eirin; tasukete Eirinnnn"
Me: turn around; nearly said "oppai oppai"
Guy: "I think I know you"
Me: "You that guy, [his name here], right?"

And pretty much the rest of the day was spend chatting with the guy, on anime and Touhou. It was a great experience, I didn't think I had this kind of talk IRL before. We talked a bit on socializing - he's rather good with people - and found out that he was rather like what I am now in the past. Take it easy, he said (well, more or less something along that line).

Talked with a few other people, taking picture in between:

Touhou characters (and fellow Touhou fans)

Tewi - ain't she just :3

Like so

...yeap, that's me, that one Touhou fan. I planned to only take her picture, but didn't expect that she'd want to take a picture with me instead.

She's the same girl that was with Reimu on Day 1 btw.

Bet you saw this coming

Patchy's the only girl cosplayer in this pic

Speaking of which...

If you think those crossplayers are gross, be thankful that I haven't shown that one Azunyan crossplayer.

...but well, if you insist, it's there in my Facebook page.

Uhh I don't think it's nuclear powered

Some of my loot from the event: Touhou goods, what else!

Yeah, I got the poster of the first Touhou group picture up there, in glorious A2 size.

You can find Day 2 pics at my Fagbook page.

Overall, it was a good 2 days spend. The amount of crowds were enormous, and the avenue was rather small for the crowd, but least I did a bit of mingling - and with Touhou fans to boot - so it's all good.

Hoping that I'll make it to other cons in the future. Till then, take it easy everyone!


  1. Those cosplayers don't look too bad. Some of them have really nice costumes as well. That Patchouli is a bit chubby, but I don't see anything that bad...OH MY GOD ERIN. That Alice and Aya was pretty nice though. Alice could use more frills on her ribbon~

    >Cpt.Awesome should be familiar with this one...

    They didn't use the peg holes in the stand, heh. I don't blame them, it's frustrating enough just to get them into their individual stands.

    >Marisa, Rinnosuke, Reimu... alternate costume?

    It's from a fan-made game called Koumajou Densetsu. Here's a picture for curiosity.

    I also regret looking at that picture of Azunyan.

  2. Looks like a Touhou fiesta! Some of the cosplayers look pretty decent; some of of those costumes look really well made! Tewi is rather cute :3

    That's great that you enjoyed yourself. I would've been so nervous I wouldn't be even able to mingle, let alone take photographs of people, so props to you!

    >I know that you are wearing pads.jpg


    >be thankful that I haven't shown that one Azunyan crossplayer.

    I'm curious, but I don't want my image of Azusa shattered ;_;

  3. @Cap'n: Isn't Patchouli supposed to be a bit on the chubby side? Being locked up in the library whole day long and all... (as shown by the yellow coloured doujin there, lol)

    >Alice could use more frills on her ribbon~

    Dem frills, they're everywhere!

    And that guy really trolled the event, lol

  4. @Djoni: thanks man =D

    @Chiyo's dad: Haha, yeah, to be honest I was too scared to even take cosplayer picture when I first started attending cons. But I then gradually build up my courage to do so.

    Yeah that Tewi cosplayer was really cute; it rather suited her

    Yeah, you're better off not having to see that cosplay - I know a few people having their image of Azusa shattered after seeing that cosplayer lol

    To other people who doesn't want to end so - please refrain from checking out the said pic, alrighty?

  5. Only the last Pachuri looks a little okay.

    Second Rinnosuke looks charming. That Mokou looks absolutely fabulous!

    The Tei cosplayer looked okay, so did a few of the Marisa cosplayers. The Medicine cosplayer used a pretty inventive trick, and many of the props were well done, which is a shame that they didn't seem to put as much effort into the costumes themselves.

    You are extremely brave to post your picture on the internet like that.

  6. @Pocky: I thought that the Mokou with shorts make her look more girly, which is not a bad thing at all.

    Ah, I didn't actually realize the significance of the prop on Medi's cosplayer until you pointed that out - she was actually putting on those rubber band thingie before I take her picture.

    I had some reservation about putting my picture here, but since they're already in FB, I thought, eh, why not?

  7. Looks like you had fun. Some of those cosplayers burned my eyes. Some were passable. A few were good!

    >Second Rinnosuke looks charming. That Mokou looks absolutely fabulous!

    >You are extremely brave to post your picture on the internet like that.

    I'll add that you're extremely brave to even go to a con.

  8. @HH Hikikomori: Yeah, that's what you get when it comes to the cosplayers at cons haha.

    Well, I just thought I'd improve my social skill a bit and meetup with similar minded people. It's an interesting experience; would do it again in the future.

  9. Lucky you man, I missed out a lot of Touhou cosplayers due to the sea of people there

    That Mokou is seriously hot though, lol.

    And if I were to met with that Sakuya cosplayer, I can almost imagine myself asking her to marry me.

    Nah im just kidding on the last part

  10. @N3O: I found most (not all - there's a few that I missed) of the Touhou cosplayers because I was specifically looking for them haha.

    I was totally not expecting to see a Mokou cosplayer there. It was a nice surprise.

    And yeah, I was gonna ask you whether you knew about the Sakuya cosplayer. And I knew you were gonna say that lol.

    Don't worry man, I know what you mean C;

  11. >w>

    why yes...I'm on the chubby side..after locking myself up too long

    jokes aside :3 glad u enjoyed CF 2010

    I was actually suppose to debut as Yukarin /but I got lazy on the way so I just dragged the Patchy costume out instead

    thanks for the pic of my friend /the day 1 Rinnosuke with the pipe XDD

  12. @gukichan: Aww man, 'twould be awesome to see Yukari on that day. And I heard there was a Chen cosplayer on that day too (but I never got the chance to see her).

    The Rinnosuke cosplay was so good that it changed my opinion of the character haha.

    Thanks for dropping by to this blog~