Friday, December 10, 2010

Backlog: movies

Wow, I've been rather productive lately, huh? Let's hope I can keep it that way.

So, after I was done with finals, the first thing that I did was (trying) to get some sleep. But then I thought that sleeping would be a waste of time, so I decided to catch up on the movies that have sitting in my backlog for quite some time.

Usually I'm not really much of a movie watcher (2D > 3D, yeah!), but suddenly I was in the mood for it. Heck, I even attempted a sleep deprivation while I was watching them - I got KO-ed at 6 AM tho. It's around 12 ON here, and I'm still feeling a bit groggy.

On towards the movies:

1) RED

When I heard about this movie, I thought this was going to be similar to The Expendables, seeing all the big names in the cast. It turn out to be way better than the latter, because... the cast are taking it easy? Sure, Expendables may have The Stallone, but... how should I put it... those guys are trying too hard to become macho by talking big and acting big? I dunno, I'm not really feeling them when I watched the movie.

He's a total messup, but I love this guy

At least RED's people are funnier than Expandables cast. And maybe it's because of the age factor too - even in the movie, the 'younger people' are all business, too serious. Maybe turning old isn't such a bad thing after all.

Also, the action in Expendables are pretty over the top in some cases in my opinion. Well, it does have Stallone in it, so what do you expect?

Oh, and by the way:

I love Helen Mirren in this movie. Classy lady with guns? HELL YEAH

2) Resident Evil: Afterlife

Survival movie is not my cup of tea, and I haven't played the game either. Story's kinda predictable, everyone slowly gets killed as the story progress. Not much surprise there.

And I can't for the life of me understand why they let off the bad guy easily. Like, they just beat him to the point where he gets away with it. Seriously, it's like they wanted him to come back in a sequel or something. Oh, and I already had a feeling that they'll make a sequel somewhere in the middle of the movie - the ending further confirm my suspicions.

He's kinda awesome tho - check out them shades

Somewhere in the middle, when I saw Michael- I mean, Wentworth Miller, I immediately remarked 'lol Prison Break!'. Seriously, they were really trying to pull off a Prison Break here, with Mich - Miller being the mastermind. He even carried on the Michael Scofield look and attitude here.

3) Scott Pilgrim VS The World

After reading someone's comment on the comic (hi Chiyo's Dad), I gotta say that I totally agree with him on the characters - I don't think I've seen a movie where I hate most - if not, all - the characters. And then there's the gay part too, which I thought, 'well that's cool', when I first saw it, but later it becomes quite... ughh. Just, ughh.

The story's all right I guess - I kinda like the director's other work, Hot Fuzz - but, damn... I gotta quote Chiyo's Dad here and say that 'Scott was a flawed asshole who cheats on girls with no shred of dignity'. Well, at least he made up in the end...

Oh, and I heard the movie's opened at the cinema at the same time with Expendables - after watching those two, I'd rather spend my money on this rather than watching a bunch of tough guys shooting up people.

But I still think that RED is better than these two. But the next movie is even better:

4) Inception

Ahh, the much talked about movie of the year (at least, I think it is): this is the movie that tempted me to watch it at the cinemas when it was aired (if you wanna know the truth, I've only been to very few movie screenings).

Well, the story is quite intriguing, although it doesn't seem as complicated as what people make of it - I get the movie quite perfectly during my watching.

The concept of a dream within a dream is not too strange to me, but damn, as I watched the movie, I wondered whether I'm actually in a dream world now. I dunno, can you tell me if we're all actually dreaming right now?

The length may be a tad too long (going for 2 hours plus), but it doesn't seem to feel that way. Must have been because I was taken in for a ride by the movie, huh?

So guys, watched any good movies lately?


  1. I haven't really watched any movies. I think the last one I watched was V for Vendetta around last month.

  2. Scott pilgrim is HORRIBLE, pretentious hipsters everywhere. It certainly is worse than Avatar (both, the airbender and the blue dude). I haven't seen RED, but Inception was kinda cool. I liked the concept and the special effects.

  3. I saw Inception and I enjoyed it but I didn't think it was all too special. The film snob in me rejects it from being a classic even though it's really good.

    >(2D > 3D, yeah!)

    I completely agree with this.

    As for watching movies recently. I rarely do, assuming you mean live action and not animu. I might watch a film if I feel like it but I can't think of any right now.

  4. Thanks for these nice summaries! I've yet to see any of these, sadly.

    >He's a total messup, but I love this guy.

    Lol, when is John Malkovikch not an insane total messup? This film looks enjoyable.

    >I gotta quote Chiyo's Dad here and say that 'Scott was a flawed asshole who cheats on girls with no shred of dignity'.

    Aw yeah :3 I've read the comics and played the game, but I've yet to see this film. I'm in no rush. I hate Michael Cera. And the fanbase are a bunch of annoying hipsters..

    I really should see Inception soon.

  5. I haven't really watched any recent movies. I'd rather not bother with TV / movies, if I can help it.

    >sleeping would be a waste of time

    Sleeping is never a waste of time!