Saturday, December 4, 2010

Discussion on weaboos - a continuation from a certain blog

All right guys, let's get down to business shall we?

We're gonna do a bit of inter-blog post discussion here. I’m kinda rambling here, so apologize for this, uhhh... quality post.

Reading Kirari's post on his (uh I assumed you're a dude, correct me if I'm wrong :V) presentation, there was a brief mentioning of a certain weaboo girl who presented on - here we go - maid cafe. Upon reading that part, I thought, "uhh, okay, that's... nice", but as for the rest of the commentors? Apparently this weaboo of a girl had become the subject in most of those comments.

Later in the comments, Kirari mentioned that the girl went on to share ther story of her cosplaying as some Naruto characters. At this, I said "huh, well, sounds like those generic narutards weaboo... so now I have a firm reason to say that she sucks…" (oho, I'm a terrible person)

I don't get where this is going ze

Now where am I going with this? Well, as I pointed out in the last post, I've only immersed myself in the otaku community for a bit (and I don't think I'm a hardcore yet) so I didn't really get where all those comments were coming from. Yeap, those comments where they were more or less “WUT” - the image of an otaku going “what the hell is wrong with you” is what I was getting as I read those comments.

So what's opinion about this? Is it a case of “don’t be a weaboo”? Or is it more of “keep your weaboo stuff to yourself”? Or, since Kirari mentioned that he doesn’t want other people to know about his obsession with the arts of the land of the rising sun so as to avoid from talking to people about it, are we reclusive otaku that don’t like to mix with normalfags and weaboo/wannabes like that?

If the issue here was about weaboo in general, in my opinion... well, it might be because I hung out with the more serious Type 2 otaku, but, boy, a few of those weaboos do annoy me. I mean, sure, you wanna use some Japanese words, fine by me (hey, I'm guilty for this too, you know), but thinking that Japan is the most sugoi country, how their stuff is the most sugoi sugoi desu, and how you wish you were born a Japanese?

If you ain't Japanese, don't act like one :V

...well have I perhaps taken that post too seriously, and missed the point entirely.

C’mon guys, throw in a couple of yens on this ‘issue’. Disagree with my take on the whole things? Think that I'm mad?

Go crazy, and don't forget to write it easy!


  1. >All right guys, let's get down to business shall we?

    Alright, Faults. LET'S DO THIS!

    >Is it a case of “don’t be a weaboo”? Or is it more of “keep your weaboo stuff to yourself”?

    I'd say most of the comments on that post would be relating to the former of those two. As you said: "If you ain't Japanese, don't act like one". A lot of these Narutard weeaboos are convinced that Nippon is some amazing country that is superior to all else, and/or people like them would be welcome there to live in harmony and peace. Of course, these assumptions are completely wrong, and otaku are largely looked down upon and scorned by traditional society.

    I believe this is where the comments are coming from, and is certainly where I came from with mine. I mean, I love animu and mango, I collect figures and have a wide interest in otaku culture worldwide, but if I were to start wishing I was born Japanese and forcing my interests onto others I would have to kick my own ass!

    But now that I think about, I think the statement of 'keep your weaboo stuff to yourself' would also largely come into play. Not everyone is into this stuff and a presentation on maid cafes and narutard cosplay would undoubtedly raise at least a few eyebrows.

  2. The general idea is to keep your hobbies to yourself because it's easier to avoid problems in society that way. Normalfags already look down on people like us and the "weaboos" trying to spread the word of how amazing Japan is just makes us look worse.

    It's sort of like those Twilight super fans. I've never read any of the Twilight books so I don't have an opinion on the book itself, but if you actually liked the series, would you want to be grouped up with those REALLY annoying fans that love Edward/Jacob?

    One person may love One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Another may like Ore no Imouto, Index, and Ika Musume. Would those two people get along? Probably not, but Normalfags will think something along the lines of "Oh, you both like those asian cartoons. Are you friends?" The only real problem of hiding our hobbies is that we'll be forever alone.

  3. Personally, I don't like people using foreign words when they speak. If they're going to speak in another language, then speak the other language, but not both. As for those ppl that say japan is the best country and so on, I bet they've never been to japan. Their entretainment industry is good, that's all someone that hasn't been there could know.

    Anyway, it really doesn't matter what ppl think very much. Just take it easy.

  4. @Chiyo's Dad: Haha yeah, it's kinda funny how the otakus in Japan try their hardest - well the more clear minded anyway - to hide their hobbies, whereas the Japanophile would proudly wear the otaku badge. And it's not that they're really that much of an otaku anyway. I find this situation somewhat amusing.

    @Cap'n: It does seem that otakus are really being looked down upon by the world eh?

    I don't know the extent of the retardation showed by the weaboos in the west, but it does seems... rather retarded. I dunno, if us Southeast Asian can get a look or two for displaying weaboo tendencies, I wonder how it is when the western fans do the same thing...

    Our otaku here are pretty alright, but there's a whole load of Japanophile weaboo here as well.

    @Frog: I know right? I do like the entertainment industry and all, but I don't think the country is awesome as a whole.

    Well, some of us do take our hobby seriously haha.

  5. Keep on the comments coming guys

    Ouh yeahhhh

  6. I think the problem is more that she sounded like an obnoxious poser, like most narutards. At least I hope they're just posers, bandwagoning to be hip, and not naruto-for-rife types...

    The worst part about these weaboos is they love Japan and otaku stuff so much but know almost nothing about it.

  7. @Pocky: I don't think there's any other series that have so many weaboo associated with it. I wonder what about those hardcore fans that you speak of looks like...

    Exactly. Which, I think, seems to me what piss of the guy that wrote that article on the 'otaku' here. And I don't think the Japanese otaku are too happy with the majority of the western fans either.

  8. after so much awesome comments, i will just say that I agree w frog :)