Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreaming of Touhou

I had this post sitting in my backlog for a while, so thought I'd post it here after reading some of the related posts in a certain blog (sup, dude).

Also, I'm slowly going through the blogs that I've neglected in the past few days. I-it's not that I love reading all those posts by you guys or anything; I just have a lot of time to spend now!

You know, I always wanted to write about some of the dreams I had, but most of them are pretty sketchy to be put in words. Not to mention that they're pretty random as hell, and are rather... well, boring.

But, there was this one dream that I had a few days ago, and interestingly, it involves Touhou (as much as I'd love to dream about Touhou, I only gotten them three times). And, just like my own status as as Touhou fan, they're very much secondary (yeah, well, the first dream was me listening to a few guys that I know over the 'net discussing about Touhou: how lame is that huh?)

Now, the second dream on Touhou goes on something like this:

The beginning of the dream was very sketchy, but I remembered something about a lot of talking, arguing, and something about Les Paul being mentioned. And I think Disagree (one of the local's band) was mentioned as well, I'm not sure.

So anyway, after that came the good part: next thing I know, we (I think I was with a few other people at that time) were at this one hall, and from the looks of it, it seems that a festival or something similar was going on. And then, right there on the stage, were all the Touhoes and Touhoufags, performing Touhou covers!

Unfortunately, I don't remember who were on stage, or the songs played, but I do remember seeing one of the Scarlet sister on stage (I think it was Flan), presumably performing U.N. Owen Was Her? cover.

And then, it was the turn for our band. Yeah, that's right: we were going to perform in front of all those audience, somewhere in heavens knows where.

Ain't I'm awesome? Well, not really, since in that dream, it appears that I was more of a touring member that records the live show of the bands (for the record, I don't play any instruments IRL). So anyway, we performed Imperishable Night Stage 4's theme: Old World. Or, more specifically, we were performing this cover:

What really surprised me was that when I woke up, I suddenly realized who was the vocalist in the band: it was this one girl that I'm following in dA. And the weird thing was I don't really know her that well!

Also, after a recent incident involving my siblings and a performance, I dreamed of YET another Touhou concert-thingie. The dream involve a performance by a certain band (I don't think it was Touhou related) and the crowd there was being not responsive at all.

And then, right there in the crowd, was Alice, who was looking as unimpressed as the others. To be honest I can't remember who I was in the dream: I think I was among the crowd, but I don't know. Heck, I don't even know why Alice was there in the first place!

Well, talk about vague...

On hindsight, I think it was because I've been extensively watching this one anime that I came up with these dreams.

...which anime, you ask? Well, let's talk about that in a future post, eh? Till then, peace out, and take it easy!


  1. 've never dreamed with Touhou but I would surely love to dream with Alice and have her "make me a cake". I also like that cool story bro tag you addded.

  2. That dream sounded glorious. That's pretty awesome how you can specifically recall that you played the stage 4 theme!

    >And then, right there in the crowd, was Alice, who was looking as unimpressed as the others.

    I lol'd. A shame it was a crappy, unimpressing gig.

    >On hindsight, I think it was because I've been extensively watching this one anime that I came up with these dreams.

    I have a few assumptions on what you may be referring to, given the themes in your dreams.. Looking forward to that future post!

  3. I haven't had any good dreams in a very long time. I am very jealous of all you people having great and interesting Touhou dreams.

    I wish I could have great Touhou dreams too. T_T

  4. Any dream involving Touhous is a good dream.

  5. >Any dream involving Touhous is a good dream.

    Unfortunately, I think I've only had one Touhou-related dream. I don't remember what it was about. Quite a shame, really.

  6. wow i really like your posts, hope more are to come. they are very well written and easay on the eyes for sure. following