Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So much for easy modoing...

Today's paper was a disaster, I won't say anything else about it, except that I'm hoping that I'll at least past the paper. Don't want to be going for an extension of a semester man...

Anyway, have a bit of filler post, which is somewhat related to the next posts that I'm planning. Also, a small question at the end:

(clicky for bigger resolution)

(yeah, I'm a total Touhoufag like that ahahaha)

Now, for the question:

I've been following a few blogs lately (that means you! =P), and I noticed that most, if not all of these blogs were started somewhere in September, with the topics focusing mostly on anime, manga, figurines, and other similar topics. So I was wondering if you guys were in one community, and then suddenly someone said 'hey, let's all blog!', or something of that sort? Anyone want to share the story?

Either way, keep on blogging, guys.



  1. kredit mark dlm 20 lebih... markah exm dlm 20 lbih gak.. 40 mrkah la mnimum. pas2... rilek r

  2. Oh, I should make a picture like that for myself sometime.

    >I was wondering if you guys were in one community, and then suddenly someone said 'hey, let's all blog!'

    I believe you said somewhere that you didn't visit 4chan. Well, most of us came from /jp/. It's currently in a very shitty state, but it's a great board for discussing OTAKU CULTURE. One day, someone just mentioned that blogging could help with sustaining a NEET lifestyle, and well, it went from there.

    Turns out they were wrong and a ton of people quit, but it's still fun. I'm here to this day~

  3. Don't forget the Forex.

    Jaypee is the lowest of the low, a tribe of bed wetters, social outcasts, NEET and hikki folk that have nothing better to do than play Touhou, flavor of the month MMO, and read visual novels.

  4. The first couple of anime series I watched are roughly the same as yours except I started with Card Captor Sakura. Only because I remember seeing it on TV! It's not like I liked it or anything!

    Like HHH said, the majority of us came from /jp/. I haven't been browsing it as much ever since I started blogging though.

    Hope your paper passed!

  5. Encik Syawal: D'oh, takyah la sampai letak nombor matrik tu...

    @HHH: I hope the others could keep on blogging too, it's interesting to hear what they have to say.

    @Pocky: Ah yes, money's the limit...

    Well... at least they're passionate about their hobbies? (hey, I might not be much of an otaku, but I can relate to them... ahaha)

    @Cap'n: Hey, I kinda like CCS too! (but it's not that I'd openly say that I've been watching it back then, haha) Well, I only watched it occasionally though, during the later episodes.

    And thanks man =D

  6. I hope you pass your paper!

    >Brief History image

    Fascinating read! It's rather intriguing how we all go through different stages in our neverending 'journey'. I want to make an image like that now..

    >So I was wondering if you guys were in one community, and then suddenly someone said 'hey, let's all blog!', or something of that sort?

    I have a dark confession to make: I never posted on /jp/. I never became as Touhou-crazy as other folks. That said, I posted on several other boards for a bunch of years, before they all fell to complete shit. I went to another small independent imageboard full of people fed up with the shit on /a/ and /jp/, and from there met up with these kinds of gentlemen and scholars on Blogger. Feels good man.

  7. Great post! You should take a look at my newest post, its about a good AdSense alternative.

  8. @Chiyo's Dad: Haha, I hope so man.

    About the image, I saw someone doing a similar thing (on stages of evolution), except that it's on artistic evolution. So I thought, eh, why not do it?

    It sounds like we're on the same page when it comes to meeting all those bloggers. And it feels good indeed.

  9. I like seeing timelines, very interesting to see the development of a person.
    I don't post on the boards AT ALL yet I find myself lurking there for hours on end!

  10. good luck w paper :)


  11. @A Hermit: I don't post nor lurk at the board at all lol. I might do so if I have the time... that, or if I'm bored enough.

    @Djoni: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Your blog looks interesting too.