Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kantai Collection: what the hell is up with it?!

By now a lot of people are playing (or at least aware of) Kantai Collection that it begs the question of, 'who else haven't played Kantai Collection yet?'.

And fortunately (or unfortunately?) I'm not in those group.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Lately I've been going on a lot rambling on some personal stuff that's been going in my mind, so I'd figured it's time for a bit of fresh air and talk about something else. 

I've been listening to Tool very recently, after having only stop to listen to their first album, Undertow, a long time ago, and it didn't really left too much impression on me. I have recently hunted for the rest of their albums, and I must say that I should have checked their subsequent earlier: I love their style of blending progressive rock/metal, alternative metal and psychedelia. It's very heavy and hypnotizing and dark, brought forward by their style of playing and vocal. I particularly liked the drumming, there's that sort of... tribal drumming feel, I suppose you could call it, on some of their songs.

Listening to their music I can see how modern alternative metal acts would get their influence from (e.g. Korn, Deftones, System Of A Down). I'm sure listeners of progressive type of music would be familiar with this band, but in case you haven't, this is something of a must listen! 

This is probably my favourite song off them at the moment. Watch how they manage to perform this live!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Stand on your own feet

It seems that most of us wishes to grow wings. And by wings, I don't mean wings in the literal sense.

Most of us always complain about our life, as if we have no control over it. We are forever hoping for something to take us out from our misery.

A different job. Living in a different neighbourhood. Someone else to come into our life. A change of our personality. Waiting for a life changing event. We want these to just sprout out, propel us to a bright future - to bring us out from the mundane life.

We are blinded by the belief that someday, we are going to grow wings and fly out from whatever it is in our life that is tying us down.

No, we keep forgetting this: that we always have the choice to walk to where we want to be. We keep forgetting how we have our own two feet that would carry us out, should we decide to make that decisive step.

It's time to stop waiting for those wings to grow, and start walking your own path.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Complaining about this and that

I find it funny how most of us complain with our life, on our inadequacies and weakness and misfortune and so many other things... as if we have no control over it.

We complained how terrible our work is; or it could be that we complain how we feel inadequate with what we have; or we could be complaining about other people being assholes; or we could be complaining on things which in a great scheme of thing truly doesn't matter; or we could be complaining about how terrible we are as a human being, doomed to stuck with our condition forever.

We complain about our life, treating it as if we are watching a movie, unable to do anything to change it.






We are the social media generation where we must talk, talk, talk. We don't get much time to sit down with our own thoughts, and think. Our connection made us to compare ourselves with each other even more and more, feeling terrible about ourselves.

It's no wonder why we get depressed easily.

We just complain, complain, complain. We complain about the littlest things. We complain about the things which we can't control. We complain about things which we have power to control. We complain about our life, as if we have no control over it.

And we are waiting to hit rock bottom until we really change. Until it's too late.

I would really like for us to really think about it - REALLY think about our own life. On whether we truly have no control over our life. Or whether we're just too comfortable with our misery. Too lazy. It's much easier to complain instead of getting things done.

If we look back at the things that we said - all the complains that we dished out - we're going to start to notice something.

We're going to notice that all that complaining didn't really get anything done. We give them out, in the hope that other would pay attention to us. That we would feel a sense of relief that we have said our piece of mind. And we want the world to change to our own liking - but we don't want to change ourselves.

The noise that the world projects - telling me to compare myself with others, to feel inadequate, to complain about my life, to try and fill my emptiness with things I don't need - is no match for the voice in my head: it's still figuring out just where I stand in the world, just how significant I am in the overall grand scheme of thing.

And all that talk in my head have exhausted me from the need to complain.

There are some things which we can't change. If we are ever to compare ourselves with others, we're certainly not going to come out feeling better about ourselves. There are things which it's just not worth the effort to be pissed off.

If I have the time to complain about my life, then I would certainly have time to try and do something about it. The most profound sense of enlightenment that I have achieved, now, is the realization how I am very much responsible for my own life.

It would mean I don't get to put the blame on others, but it also fill me with the burning realization that life is not an experience that just went pass - but something which I must create, by my own hands.