Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kantai Collection: what the hell is up with it?!

By now a lot of people are playing (or at least aware of) Kantai Collection that it begs the question of, 'who else haven't played Kantai Collection yet?'.

And fortunately (or unfortunately?) I'm not in those group.

Just where the hell did the series came out from, and why is everyone just itching to pick it up?!

...is what those who haven't jumped into the series would have thought. I know I did.

For the uninitiated, Kantai Collection  (otherwise shortened to just KanColle) is a web browser game in which you take control of fleet of Japanese ships off World War 2 in the form of - what else - girls. Even those who haven't played the game would probably stumble upon the series in the form of rapidly accumulating fanart and screen caps from players (something which I would be a dead giveaway that someone had picked up KanColle).

So yeahhhh here's my current fleet

Unfortunately the game is especially popular right now that in getting a chance to play it you have to enter a lottery to be given a spot in joining the server... something which I initially thought was very off putting. Despite my initial misgiving on getting into the game - as well as the rising popularity of the series - I eventually found myself in the game.

And how did find the game after I managed to join in? But first, a slight detour is in order...

The first instance where I was aware of the series existence was a couple of cosplay which have came out (introducing me to the rather well known Akagi and Shimakaze). At the same time, a few Japanese people on Twitter were starting to post screencap from the game - although I haven't been able to put those two together.

It was around October I think when a few people that I know of suddenly start to show the same activity (minus the cosplay). Curiousity gotten the better of me, and I patiently waited in line until I could get my hands into the game.

Anyone remember this old meme template? 

...and since then, I've been doing pretty much what could only be surmised as above.

I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, but even in what I would say my approach of playing the game 'casually' would border to something which I'd admit to being addicted. Even if you decide to take things slow you could really watch time fly as you spend your resources and send your ships to sorties.

Anyone who say they're just going to play the game for a little while is either a liar, or they haven't really gotten into the game.

It's a good day to be a sinker ghost

I see a lot of people making (or getting offended) at the whole Touhou Project VS Kantai Collection argument. Personally I find them silly - I enjoy them equally, and I find it too tiring to argue on the whole question of how the series will last and all that. It's too early to speculate on how the series will fare, giving it an unfair judgement - this holds true for all the other series out there too, come to think of it - but at the same time there's no need to get your panties in a knot by some of those unsavoury remarks.

I just wanna be sending out some ships and not be getting into the unnecessary argument, by the names of the seven seas!

So yeah, I'm looking at how the doujin scene will contribute on the series. And I'd like to see some of the cosplay around here please, hohoho.

Also, did you know I used to draw a lot back then (even though it wasn't as serious as I'd though it'd be)? And so I decided to get my lazy ass up and get down to draw some KanColle girls. Because I can.

These are some of my favourite girls at the moment: Ashigara is one crazy woman, and Kuma is kinda adorable, kuma. And I've liked Akagi ever since I first know her, really (and yes, she's in my fleet know, so ignore that little bit on her not yet in...).

But the truth is, there's just a lot of interesting ship girls, that I'll probably revise the list once I've attained some new ships. There's just too many!

Now excuse me as I go and send off some ships...

Sally go! 


  1. your drawings remind me of dem ZUNfaces, not sure if that was a compliment or not www