Monday, November 4, 2013

Stand on your own feet

It seems that most of us wishes to grow wings. And by wings, I don't mean wings in the literal sense.

Most of us always complain about our life, as if we have no control over it. We are forever hoping for something to take us out from our misery.

A different job. Living in a different neighbourhood. Someone else to come into our life. A change of our personality. Waiting for a life changing event. We want these to just sprout out, propel us to a bright future - to bring us out from the mundane life.

We are blinded by the belief that someday, we are going to grow wings and fly out from whatever it is in our life that is tying us down.

No, we keep forgetting this: that we always have the choice to walk to where we want to be. We keep forgetting how we have our own two feet that would carry us out, should we decide to make that decisive step.

It's time to stop waiting for those wings to grow, and start walking your own path.

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