Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Lately I've been going on a lot rambling on some personal stuff that's been going in my mind, so I'd figured it's time for a bit of fresh air and talk about something else. 

I've been listening to Tool very recently, after having only stop to listen to their first album, Undertow, a long time ago, and it didn't really left too much impression on me. I have recently hunted for the rest of their albums, and I must say that I should have checked their subsequent earlier: I love their style of blending progressive rock/metal, alternative metal and psychedelia. It's very heavy and hypnotizing and dark, brought forward by their style of playing and vocal. I particularly liked the drumming, there's that sort of... tribal drumming feel, I suppose you could call it, on some of their songs.

Listening to their music I can see how modern alternative metal acts would get their influence from (e.g. Korn, Deftones, System Of A Down). I'm sure listeners of progressive type of music would be familiar with this band, but in case you haven't, this is something of a must listen! 

This is probably my favourite song off them at the moment. Watch how they manage to perform this live!

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