Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day of birth: sketches

Albeit about a week ago. I was out in the field, with no internet access (plus the fact that my laptop had pretty much died...)

Well, better late than never they say. In place of social media (and internet), I've spend much of my time recently filling up my sketchbook with a lot of (nonsensical) sketches. Here's two of them off about my birthday:

Will be spamming more nonsense sketches in the future, heh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MH370: Search And Rescue

As of the time of writing, it would be more than four days since the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airline flight MH370, with no news of the finding of the craft as of now.

'Mystery' seem the most fitting word to describe this sudden turn of event.

I was actually out on my field work when the news came, and as such have been away from internet (and in effect, social media) for some time. It is something of a good break for me, seeing as there's all those speculations, conjunctures, rumours, and just plain nonsense that some never fail to produce.

As I'm on a brief stay at home for the time being, I can see anxiousness and anticipation of others in keeping up with the news. God knows how the family of the flight passenger are going through. I am rather amazed at the amount of participation from other countries in the search and rescue for the aircraft. One would really hope that whatever the outcome is, that the extensive search for craft would result in its discovery very soon.

I got down and did a quick sketch on the participating search and rescue team. And yes, that small excerpt down there is from Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio's Savior of Song - I couldn't help but have the song play in my head whenever I see footage of search and rescue for the flight is carried out. It does seem fitting to put in that particular part in the sketch, mmhm.

Rather than speculations and  wild theories, I'm more interested in the large scale search and rescue between all the countries. My thoughts go to the SAR team, the flight passenger and crew, and all those affected by this turn of event.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters

I'm glad I picked up the series: it's certainly enjoyable, despite me having no background in Gundam series (I suspect fans of the series will find this a real treat). Highly recommended to anyone looking for some shonen action.

I can relate the theme of creativity and interest in gunpla (generally speaking of picking up hobbies), something other people who dabble in art would be sure to acknowledge.

*Screenshots off episode 17, which I have just finished watching. Episode 6 also have a short scene similar to this, which really made me to hook on the series

...Ah what the heck, have this too