Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comedy is a powerful weapon

Honestly, I don't really give a fig about politics ('cause I'm a recluse who thinks a lot of humans are effing stupid, and that the subject in question is usually wrapped up in a lot of jargons and bullshits, partly due to them politicians).

This guy, however, is awesome:


And even if you're not really into politics, the part where he talks about a certain part of... well, just go and watch it alright?

It's been a while since I've saw something that really cracked me up like this.

This picture is highly relevant - OH YESSSSS

And as I promised in the last post, I have indeed finished my papers! Time to take it easy~

How's everyone doing?

P/S Whoops, so much for having a Touhou related post... well, uh, enjoy that Koishi pic :V


  1. >"War is a lot of prick-waving."

    Lmao. That's the most befitting analogy for war in modern society I've ever seen.

    I lol'd hard throughout the video. I love Carlin! I have the upmost respect for him. 'Religion is Bullshit' is another humorous video of his up on YouTube.

    >I have indeed finished my papers!

    Time to celebrate! You've earned your time to take it easy.

  2. Sorry to double-comment, but I LOVE that Koishi image.

  3. Not really my type of comedy, but I'll still check him out. I hate how the crowd cheers for god knows how long at the start.

  4. @Chiyo's dad: This is the first video I've seen from him, but he looks awesome. That other video is... well, I found it somewhat less insulting than it should be haha.

    FYI, I was directed from the video by a guy who was making penis jokes comic, featuring Koishi. Cool story bro, amirite?

    @Pocky: Yeah, he was. Well, not that I've seen his other, but he sounds like a cool guy that I'd invite for a drink.

    @Djoni: Don't we all? Haha

    @Sucio: Google is your friend yo

    @Cap'n: Well, to each his own I guess. I haven't really checked out his other video, but from what I've seen, he's a cool guy.