Thursday, December 23, 2010

EoSD run

After watching some post on Touhou run writeup by a few fellow bloggers, I thought I'd try not easy modoing on one of the games.

I went for a run on EoSD, since it's one of the games that I could fare well besides Easy Mode (I've reached Remi once or twice before on Normal). And here is the result:

Since someone mentioned that Marisa is a better choice in EoSD than Reimu, and since I've never beaten Remi using Reimu, I thought I'd choose her. For this playthrough, I used Stardust Reveria Marisa.

The game goes through something like this:

Stage 1: No problemo: a walk in the park (that is so!)

Stage 2: I messed up and had to bomb through Icicle Falls (to be honest, I usually die at this, lol!). The rest was OK.

Stage 3: Made some careless mistake; died through Meiling's 1st and 2nd spellcard. Bombed like hell through the other spellcards.

Stage 4: Suddenly I found myself bombing through all the danmakus thrown by the little baddies. Koakuma was alright, but Patchouli totally killed me. Used my first continue here.

Stage 5: Damn I hate those danmaku in the stage. Totally headbanged my way through Luna Dial, but the perfect elegant maid easily killed me. Used my second continue here.

Stage 6: Ahh I love the stage music, it reminds me what a short stage it is. And Remilia's music is a pleasure to hear as well (dat piano solo...!). Too bad I can't say the same about her: I was going "OH SHIT OH SHIT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" when the danmakus came out flying.


I personally thought that she was comparatively easier than Sakuya. I still died once tho: used my third continue here.

Actually, I did a run on EoSD exactly 3 weeks ago, and here is the result:

I used Masterspark Marisa on this, and I'm left with two lives when I beat Remi

Yeap, so much for me and the Touhou games - I guess I'm still an easymodoer even after all this time...

Ah well, time to start playing the games religiously again. The danmaku girls must have been disappointed that I've been neglecting them in the last 2 weeks or so. Take it easy, guys~


  1. I'm unfamiliar with EoSD (aside from the rockin' soundtrack) since PCB is the only one I've played :<

    It looks like you did well, though! You're being too modest.


  2. @Chiyo's Dad: I'd like to say that I won't be satisfied until I can CC one of the games, but that'd certainly have to wait for a long time, given my current playing skill haha

    PCB is a good game; I might try having a run on that later.

  3. You did well pretty well considering you haven't played in awhile. EoSD is one of the harder games too. Stage 5 bosses always seem harder than the stage 6 boss for me, glad to know I'm not the only one.

    Sepette for the Dead Princess is my favorite track out of all the Touhou games.

  4. >I'd like to say that I won't be satisfied until I can CC one of the games

    You're unstoppable! Best of luck in achieving that goal.

  5. Since I couldn't possibly add anything that someone hasn't already said.. You did quite nice!

    >Ah well, time to start playing the games religiously again.

    You will surely get better.

  6. @Cap'n: I'm actually not quite sure where EoSD positioned in terms of hardness level in Touhou games, but I rather liked it. And it's perhaps the only game that I could finish on normal, lol.

    And yes, Septette for the Dead Princess is awesome.

    @Chiyo's Dad & HH Hikikomori: Thanks man C:

  7. I don't think that was bad. |I would elaborate more but I'm kind of tired and heading to bed. Good job on even getting past Sakuya.

  8. @Pocky: I used to get killed by Sakuya on Easy Mode when I started, so it's definitely an improvement.

    Thanks; take it easy now~