Sunday, October 10, 2010


So from what I learned, today is the annual Moe Day (the otakus would know about this). And since today is a special day of 10/10/10, I decided to put a bit of effort into drawing.

The result is this: Kogasa Tatara of Undefined Fantastic Object (Touhou 12), which some fans refer to as the new youkai moe after Yuuka Kazami (this, the Touhoufags might know)

Well, I tried to make her as moe as possible (hahaha)

By the way, I planned to post this at 10:10 AM, but I totally forgot about it until slightly after that mark (notice the time of publish for this post??)

Happy moe day to all you otakus and anime/manga/games enthusiasts - hope you had a moetastic day C:


  1. Oh thank-you kind sir.. Aku blm cukup otaku nak tau harini Moe day.. haha.. Nice drawing btw, next time aku nak post drawing jugak la..

  2. Aku belum layak lagi nak panggil diri sendiri ni otaku lol
    Banyak lagi yang kena improve pasal skil melukis aku (pick up lambat), but thanks anyway C: