Friday, October 8, 2010

Down the drain

Shits are happening lately: ergo, my lack of motivation to write anything here for the past couple of days (well, along with some other more important things too).

Internet is still down, so I'm spending my (internet browsing time) at a location that is, well, not really conductive for internet browsing (mainly because it's 'indecent' to do so - get the hint?)

Ah well, while I'm here, might as well write something... here's a short comic from this one dude on deviantArt - you might want to check out his page for some Touhou goodness (also, ecchi :3)

Can you say that 'this is punny'? (see what I did there??)

Yes yes, I'm a sucker for puns

Substantial posts will resume once I'm out of the shit I'm in/when the f'in internet get fixed/other factors that are not accounted for


  1. Haha, why man? Internet also sucks over there ah?

    Or is it the assignments and exams? Waduh2, tak sempat langsung nak tgk anime...

  2. DLINK internet access have just being rectified in this Rajawali corner in Alor star . =)

  3. Our rusty UM-WiFi-Student is available at everywhere else BUT the college.