Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banning anime in Malaysia?

In an article procatively titled 'Filem animasi Jepun bahaya' (Japanese animated films are dangerous) in Kosmo, and another lesser procatively titled 'Animasi Jepun Paling Bahaya Untuk Tontonan Kanak-Kanak ' (Japan animation deemed dangerous for children viewing) in mStar, it appears that anime has yet again came under fire (remember that one article in a certain tabloid associating anime with pornography?)

An anime enthusiast would have complained that anime is getting the same treatment like it did when the article in question came out way back, but think about it:

Remember my post back then? About how 'otaku' the Malaysian so-called otaku are? As someone mentioned in another blog, should the law come into full effect, it would surely cut down all those bootleg DVDs sale (because where else are those kids getting their anime supply besides the internet? It's not likely that they're buying the real deal from the land of the rising sun...)

So now you ban all those 'indecents' series, and you reduce the amount of bootleg product sale - 2 in 1, amirite?

If so: genius!

On a more serious note, I guess it just show that some parents most probably had the shock of their life when they see some not-so-nice scenes in what appear to be a typical 'cartoon' that their kids are watching. So like any good governmental body, the Lembaga Penapisan Filem Guy reacted. Every action will produce a counter-action, isn't it?

But then again, I'm sure most of use anime watchers don't bother buying those crappy, sucky bootleg stuff nowadays (hi, internet) - come on, let's be honest guys, is there anyone out there who buy the REAL authentic anime series?

If there is: I salute you for supporting the industry. You, sir/ma'am, can thus be considered a true blue otaku.

If not... welcome to the club of anime geeks like us (gyahahaha)

On another news, I've been cut off from the internet for about a week now (still am, so I'm writing this from an undisclosed location). Until the problem is fixed, please take it easy~ (I'm actually reminding myself there, ahaha)

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