Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hang Tuah & co, animu style

Yeah that's right. Apparently there is a joint venture between our own local animation studio, Funcel, with the renowned-but-rather-inconsistent studio Gonzo.

Sound unlikely? You'd better believe it.

The title of the project is called Satria – The Warriors of the 7 Elements, expected to be released in 2012, spanning 24 episodes.

Personally, I'm not really super excited for this news. Don't get me wrong tho; it's not that I don't support our local animation, or that I'm not patriotic or anything

The fact is, I'm not really into this kind of anime (or should we call it animation, since it's going to be partly local made? lol). You know, typical generic shonen stuff ala Naruto. And they even mention that the target group are those aged 12 - 14 years old... so yeah, sorry, I don't think there's going to be some of the 'nice' stuff that we older generation crave for (you know what I'm talking about =B).

That being said, they're (those shonen animes I mean) good for killing time... so eh, I might give it a shot once it come out, just for the heck of watching. I'm also wondering if they're going to assault our ears with our homemade seiyuus, lol!

inb4 damn japanese distorting our history and importing their foreign culture into our homeland

(for further updates, you can't do wrong to check out the ongoing topic on the forum)

P/S Hang Jebat > Hang Tuah

Pictures retrieved from Wakarimasenlol


  1. The warrior of 7 elemen? Ok, will expecting Hang Towa using fire elemen or something like that lol.. Eh budak2 takleh kasi tengok pantsu-pantsu..

  2. Fire element yeah that sounds so right for the main char lol
    Kalau tak boleh pantsu... scene mandi dekat air terjun, boleh?

  3. better jebat yg fire element,sebab jebat lebih panas baran, bengis dan garang