Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Drawing] Shakinbanki

This is actually my first attempt at colouring digitally after a ... long, long time (not to say I've been extensively colouring digitally then: so this is something like trying out a new stuff for me). I’ve noticed these two can be represented well with the three basic colours, so I went with that.

The moment I saw Haruna I could immediately imagine her sitting side by side with Sekibanki (and maybe Vincent (Valentine) thrown in the mix somewhere - shoulda done that, heh); Kagerou and Youtaro/Kirishima are there just because.

I should try drawing a Kagerou/Kagerou one next... 

Seriously, why don't we see more pairing of these two? (something like this: the only other instance I could find them both...)

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