Sunday, April 20, 2014

Show your work!

I'm reading  Austin Kleon's Show Your Work! (after I've just finished its companion, Steal Like An Artist): two books that I'm sure most people who're interested in creative works would appreciate.

Even before reading the books, I've come to realize that to show your works - despite it's crappiness, despite how you find it terrible to the work of others, despite not receiving much attention (we're talking about social media here) as you would expect - really take guts. It's gotten me to think, what have I been working on if I were to judge what they do?

(but of course, critiques and talk of improvement is another thing: at least they're doing something with their work).

This is something of a reminder for myself - I've pledged that I should put up my works, if I were really serious about the whole art stuff. It'd be good to view them over times too, instead of just sitting hidden elsewhere gathering dusts...

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