Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things on the internet that make you want to facepalm

Well, if one were to make a list of said things, the list could be quite big - or small, if you're thickheaded (like the ones who do those things in the first place)

I brought this topic up because of this rather famous e-mail that one of my Facebook contact posted in his wall:

That is not to say this one specific e-mail is unique in the 'net: you do get a variety of them, in different forms and words, but the messages are all the same, be it that (in this e-mail) Dajjal is rising from the mantle, Pikachu wants you to become a Jew, Charmander makes fun of God, (not in this e-mail) Adolf Hitler is a Muslim, the global movement of the Illuminati etc.

Do you see the trend?

What really gets me about these messages (they sometime appear as SMS too) is how they never seem to back up their claims (properly): 'according to some ulamas', 'one European scientist that convert to Islam says', and 'from Wikipedia' ARE NOT reliable sources, am I right? Seriously, maybe they need schooling from one of my matriculation lecturer, who emphasized to us the importance of proper citation (but maybe I'm getting out of point here, heh)

And really, what's with all these words like 'a certain', 'one particular', 'some': don't those guys have a name? Unless if 'they' were nothing more than just rumours and fictions, eh?

What makes it even better is the fact that some people over here (you know who they are) would quickly swallow those claims without making any verification whatsoever. Granted, I do tend to take things at face value some time, but come on, don't you have at least a bit of skepticism whenever you hear all these 'awesome' claims?

...so it's true then: they like to hear things rather than doing a proper research into the topic. I guess it's true when someone said that it's the Dark Ages all over again.

Well, as for this particular e-mail, another tiny details that make me want to pull a double facepalm is the message they placed in between the 'facts'. With my very basic photoshop skill (ahaha), I highlighted those details:

Playing with emotions + 'In the name of' much?


  1. Funny, kalau tak silap aku dah bertahun dah bnda ni jadi emel berantai. Please la wahai Muslim jangan jadi 'Most-Lame'

    Pikachu = Allah itu lemah? My Ass, pika is sound of electric spark and chu is mouse in japanese.. Charizard = Charmeleon+lizard (Still playing Pokemon until now)

    How stupid can people be? I almost lost my faith in humanity.

  2. I know right? I mean, come on lah, if you're standard 3, 4, kena kelentong like this boleh lah (I'm speaking from experience, hehe)

    But now with the age of internet, you can find the information within a click of the mouse, right? And yet they still choose to act as if they're living under a rock. What's up with that?

  3. Atta boy! You are right.People are not trained to use their grey matter to filter and analyse info dumped on them.
    BTW, what is 'face palm'?

  4. It's a sad state of the system IMHO
    Facepalm = this

    =/= Facebook =P