Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not wanting to be called a hypocrite...

Yes, yes, I know I've talked about the reason why I started this blog a while ago, but let me just make it a little clearer:

I'm actually fine with bloggers that write personal stuff/updates on life (I suspect all of us have at least a little bit in us that want others attention), provided that they don't go overboard.

What does that exactly mean? As in the aforementioned post, it's those self-centered, self-indulging, and most importantly, UNEXCITING (I would say boring, but hey, even bores can write some relatively exciting things they're passionate about) that gets me - they are the kind of posts that would make the readers, as said by Kaiser Chiefs, "love you less and less"

In other words, I don't like those annoying kind of blogs, where the blogger does nothing more than just being whores. It's the kind of blogs where they seem to want nothing less than praises ( e.g. "you look so kawaiiii"), with no substances at all.

Getting back to this blog: am I guilty of being self indulgent, and attention seeking? Well, yes, I think almost everyone would like to find other like minded people, and talk about whatever it is that interest them (hey, even dry people like geologists have other hobbies outside fault finding and cleavage staring too)... but I have yet to stoop to posting my pictures (which I took myself, no less!) commenting on how good looking I am... my God, NO.

And let's not get started on blogs that consist of nothing more than plain Ctrl+C + Ctrl V... I don't know if they're any worse than whore blogs, but they suck nonetheless.

To all other bloggers who don't belong to the aforementioned categories: greetings! Yeahh, it feels good to just write, isn't it?


  1. Oh wai... I dont even remember how the heck did i start my blog.. Oh wait, inspired by obefiend lol..

  2. To be honest, I kinda started writing after I saw his blog too, haha