Friday, July 2, 2010

Spur of the moment

You know, when I said I was gonna keep this blog low on personal stuff, that got me thinking: was there even a rule stating what should and should not be put in a blog?

Of course, I'd think that was more of a rhetorical question.

As I mention earlier, some of the more personal stuff has been allocated for LJ. Well, looking back, I think the actual reason I made the blog was so that I have the place to put one of those , "hey, check out this news..." as opposed to the "so I was watching so and so series lately on the TV, where the guy..." etc etc.

Damn, I dunno why I get so worked out on those "hi guys, today I ate this food, and I gained a weight: NO WAIIII" kind of blog. I mean, sure, I wouldn't mind those kind of post once in a while, but writing that kind of entries for almost every day? Would people even care to know those? (OK, I'm actually not surprised if some people actually do follow those things, but still...)

tl;dr: I wanted to write geology(+random infos) on a whim, and leaving the other stuff at my LJ

OK, OK, on the next post, I might actually start on a geology entry...

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