Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doodles & indie games

Since I'm currently stuck with a fever (plus the noises of the nearby renovation is driving me up the wall), I can't do anything much other than turn on the music way the hell up.

After I saw that I can't seem to sit down and finish my assignment, I decided to sit down and do a bit of doodling:

Yeah, I do a little bit of drawing, although I admit, they're mostly animu-weaboo style/stuff, and they're just mediocre... truth is, I've been on an up and down journey when it comes to drawing, and it all started when the anime craze hit me (hence, the style).

IMO, I think drawing is kinda like writing: the more detailed it is, the better (well, I guess my writing is no better - or worse - than my drawings, so...)

I've only started to draw again quite recently, and I'd like to think that I'm somehow now better than I was then (although there's still a big room for improvement)

Anyway, getting back to this drawing: this is a character from a particular indie game: if you've been playing said game, you'd see that it is kinda fitting that I drew this particular character (hint: she's able to manipulate disease - see the point? =P)

Some may think, 'Indie game? As in, a non-commercial game?' when reading that last sentences (if you're not... well, read on anyway) I think most of us are familiar with those one-man flash games, so I think it's understandable if that is what we think of when we hear the term indie games (btw, this concept could also apply to those so-called 'indie musics'... don't get me started on those who give the label 'indie' to musician without understanding what it means).

Admittedly, I could only think of three indie games that I played extensively, and they're all pretty enjoyable (even if they all share a certain similarity, which I shall go on in details later): this drawing above show two characters from two of those games.

And what are those two indie games? Well, I could go on and tell you about them right now, but let's keep it for the next few entries, all right? C:

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