Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's play indie game #1: Tower of Heaven

OK, so I thought I might get around to mention about these indie games I mentioned in the previous post...

Let's start of with perhaps the most challenging out of them:

Tower of Heaven is a PC platformer developed by Askiisoft, and the premise is quite simple: You control a nameless character, who has (I'd say want, but it's not as if you have other choice, heh) to climb up this one tower. Only that there's this one voice, who doesn't want you to - so he kept on adding all these rules in this book of laws (I'm sure most of us would have a good guess of what this game is implying)

The game graphic is quite simple (makes you think of gameboy), the levels are not that long, but the music is great, and you'll find out that the levels aren't as short and easy as they first appear. Try to have a go for yourself: I'm sure when the rules starts to come in, you'll end up biting your nails in frustration (I'd like to hear someone who can finish all the levels without dying on their first try)

Despite the fact that you'll pretty much die a lot, if you're looking for a simple-yet-challenging game (or if you're just masochistic), you should try it (by the way, it's free: you can download it at this website)

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