Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's play indie game #2: Cave Story

OK, now we've come to the second of the indie games (that I've played, of course) - and in my opinion, the most enjoyable and less-frustrating of them - Cave Story.

Just hearing the name makes me think that it's an RPG of some sort. Truth is, Cave Story is a side-scrolling platform game, created by Studio Pixel (made up of one guy, Pixel). This game was originally in the PC version, but it has been remake into Wii.

Now, unlike Tower of Heaven, Cave Story graphic are more colourful (and the music too - check out the music!) - sometimes it still amaze me that it's all done by one guy... although he did took a few years to finish the game - and a good thing too, because if he released the early version, then the game might not be as good (but that's just my opinion).

Here's a preview of what the game look like - complete with the beloved talking toaster-looking-thing-that-is-actually-a-bar-of-soap (AKA Balrog)'s catchphrase: HUZZAH! (cut on straight to 1:39). Looks simple enough, no? And the enemies do something look kinda innocent looking - so I guess the character could be referred to as a killer robot, eh?

Cave Story has a pretty linear storyline, although there are a few decisions you make that could affect the progress of the game and the ending. Without spoiling it too much, they could be divided to: 1) the weapons and items that you choose to take, and 2) how you deal with some of the characters. Now I know some people dislike reading walkthrough before playing a game for fear of spoilers, but I do recommend that you at least read some of the pros and cons of the weapons that you choose to take. Sure, you might go on without realizing what you're missing, but once you realized that you could have taken a different approach, you might consider restarting the game.

Now don't worry about the last sentence - the game is actually quite short, and you can finish them in a few days if you're a hardcore gamer (I don't consider myself one, but even I think the game is quite short).

Cave Story is a fun game, and good for killing time: so if you somehow enjoyed Tower of Heaven, I'd recommend that you try this game. As with Tower of Heaven, you can download the game free of charge, which you can find at this site here (under the download section - you might want to download the deluxe pack, complete with extra stuff). I don't know how many out there who have Wii, but I would suggest you play the PC version before the Wii one (note: I didn't play the Wii version, so I can't comment on their difference)

And while we're here, I would also like to recommend the remix album of the game too, which could be found here (note: you might have to download the track one by one, since the mirror sites seems to be down).

Enjoy! C:

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