Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why geology?

Yes, yes, I know what I just said about the stuff that I put at LJ... So anyway, I guess I'll do a bit of review on the subject of my interest: geology.

At a time when most high school students (and much less, primary school students) have no idea what geology is - except maybe thinking that it is related to geography - I had familiarize myself with names such as trilobites, Devonian, and granite. At that time, I was interested in collecting fossils - I even have an e-mail address as a proof - and other interesting looking rocks. Of course, like all other high school kids, I was into games and anime, so I kinda kept geology at the back of my mind (but still not forgotten). Of course, when it came to choosing the course for uni, the choice was quite obvious...

So why am I mentioning this? I am reminded of how some (or, perhaps, most) of my coursemate seems to choose geology because of the prospect of working (preferably in the oil and gas companies), and how similar cases were occurring in other courses as well. And then, there's the whole 'I want to do take this course but my parents want me to do another one' problem... so, in a way, it's quite good that I'm able to do a uni course in which I am interested as well.

Well, so much about uni courses; it won't be long before we have to think what we're going to do come graduation...


  1. That's cool how you developed an interest in it during your school years! Follow your dreams!

    >it won't be long before we have to think what we're going to do come graduation...

    ;_; Let's hope it works out for all of us, bro.

  2. @Chiyo's Dad: Aye, I hope so too ;_;