Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes we can

The news' a bit old, but it still made me lol somewhat:

NEW YORK (AFP) - – A sophisticated Malaysian cyber bandit hacked into the US Federal Reserve's computers and also stole nearly half a million credit and debit card numbers, US prosecutors in New York said.

Lin Mun Poo, a Malaysian resident and citizen, was arrested on October 21 soon after entering the United States and was indicted by grand jury Thursday, the US attorney's office in Brooklyn said.

He allegedly hacked into the Cleveland, Ohio branch of the Fed, the US central bank, and in separate attacks also stole more than 400,000 card numbers, as well as breaching the defenses of numerous other systems.

Something to be proud of, Malaysia? :trollface:

inb4 Malaysia Bolehhhhhhh

P/S for the non Malay speaker, Boleh = Can.

Malaysia can... can what? Derp :V


  1. Probably one of those Malaysian otaku.

    With that sort of money potential, he can finally ascend to true otaku!

  2. Ah, I'm curious on why he decided to do that. It feels like he took his talent and hard work in a wrong direction.

  3. Hip-Hop Hikikomori: Haha, I'd never thought of it that way... think of all the anime stuff he could buy with those money...

    Too bad he's busted already.

    Cpt.Awesome: Well, who knows? Those kind of people are usually not really poor, so I don't think desperation for money is one of the motive. Maybe he did it to get a sense of thrill?