Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Procrastination is...


Anyway, since it's exam time here, and since I'm oh-so-busy procrastinating, I might as well write about my exam. To get myself to study... or something.

Below is the schedule of my exam week:

The red text indicate exams, whereas the green text indicate revision time.

For every week, there's reason to get myself stomach ulcer: in the first week, three papers are in 2 consecutive days; on the second week, the 1st paper ends on 5 PM, and the next one is 8:30 AM the next day; on the last week, there's 4 paper, and the last 3 papers are of the same pattern as in the one in the first week.

The schedule looks good and all, since I can plan ahead which subjects I would (or should) be studying. Unfortunately, the schedule fail to include one important activity...

Touhou-ing, what else?

In any case, I'm looking forward to the final's end: CF 2010, here I come!

Have a Touhou music while you're at it. Damn right, it's hot:


  1. Damn, that's tough. Makes me appreciate my abundance of free time that much more.

    Good luck, man!