Monday, November 1, 2010

Animangaki 2010

I am of course not saying that I am one - I'm just not hardcore enough to be called as one. But I could totally relate to the point mentioned here.

Anyway, let's get down to the real content of this post:

This Sunday, there was an ACG (Anime/Comic/Games) event, Animangaki, held at Sunway College. And since I just had a week of tests upon tests, and because I suddenly had an interest for such events... well, the obvious thing to do was to go, of course. Plus, I sure could improve my social skill for a bit (which I have mentioned in the last crappy emoing post)

(a little note: so far I've been to three ACG events, Konmas and GAMP being the other two)

I couldn't find anyone else here that is interested in such events, so I went solo as usual. Yeah Imma mr lonely ._.

Shit yeah I'm a Lone Wolf (yeahh right)

Not to say that greatly affected my day at the venue:

It was a great event, I had fun - although my feet doesn't seem to agree to that. Hope I could go for the one next year, as well as that certain one big ACG event at this year's end (hmm, maybe I should exercise my lazy body a bit for that...)

There was a lot of people - so much so that the tickets were sold out, and they need to make copies! (I was told about 1400 people came to this event). Makes me wonder just how many would turn up at aforementioned-even-bigger event - over 9000?

Since I had brought my camera along, of course pictures were mandatory. And a lot of pictures, I took (which count up over 200, not all of them turning out to be excellent - I'm a firm believer of trial-and-error method you see) but to make things easy, I'll only be putting the better pictures.

Bleh, enough talking, on with the show: here we go, some pictures from the event, taken by my good-ol-but-no-match-for-those-dslr Coolpix S700...

Let's start with some non-humans first:

Some slightly risque pictures (oh me):


And here's one manly figurine, for a change of mood:

And lastly, a plushie that was carried back and forth by this one dude:

Ahh I want one too

To prove that I'm not a terrible figurine-staring antisocial, I took some human pictures as well. Here are some of the pictures that turned out alright:

The guy in the Kon mask was actually shy to let me take his pic

It's Desu! (a local doujin musician), zombified!

Now that's random

Surprise - it's a Touhou cosplayer!
I actually like this picture the most out of the rest - it might be because I'm just biased, or maybe because the picture didn't turn out to be too horrible, but maybe it was because the kid is cute
I was informed much later that she's actually a he - to this I can only reserve to the answer of 'a trap is fine too' huehuehue

The two emcees, Hisashi Glay and Dante - man they were entertaining

"This is Animangaki!" (no I'm not making that line up)

First place for solo cosplay competition

First place for OTP (One True Pairing) cosplay competition

And no, I'm not touching on the crossplayers and the gayest cosplayer of the event. Nopeee. You heard nothing about that, nuh-uh.

One thing that I like about these ACG events besides seeing those cosplayers are the doujin works. In particular, I have an interest in Touhou fanworks, since I just caught the fever and all.
And I wasn't disappointed, for they were to be found in this event:

This is the booth of the circle Surface, who specialize in moe stuff. You can check them out in deviantArt if you're interested. Too bad they weren't selling any Touhou badges (yet) - I would've bought them as well along with their artworks.

I didn't get the name of the booth, but they were selling some good Touhou postcards. I only bought some of those though (they rest weren't exactly my taste). They were taking commission, and I gladly requested for one.

Stuff that I bought from the event

The stuff from Surface booth:

This was sold in Surface booth, but I was told that the group that made it was based in China.
It contain some slightly NSFW work (not all, see). Not that I minded, heheheh.

The stuff from that unidentified fantastic booth:

It's a TouhouXPokemon crossover!

The commission: Fujiwara no Mokou

Some other stuff that I got from other booths:

These pictures were actually given out for free by this certain forumer from

A bookmark (is that Obama?)

A badge of Shizuo, from Durarara!!. The badge is slightly large for my taste, but I bought it anyway. 'cause I like that guy.

Overall, it was a great day, and the event was - if I may borrow Hisashi's overused word - awesome. Here's hoping that I'll be around for the event next year!

Even the baka says so


  1. Shiryuu? Must be guest18..

    Ughh.. Missed animangaki, at Perak that day.. hopefully will able to go for this..

  2. Yup it's guest18

    Jom let's go to CF. Meet up and talk nonsense, or some other random stuff. Or just cuci mata yeahh

    Watch out for traps tho (well, I won't mind really mind, unless if they're freakin obvious - let's call that crossplayers then)

  3. sure thing, will inform if im going.. =)

  4. what?!!!! pergi animangaki????
    i was there!!!!!!!
    CF ni pun pergi jugak~~ :D

  5. Jom pi CF ramai2! Penuhkan saf... err, I mean, penuhkan Times Square! ^^;