Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Procrastinating by Touhouing, Part 2

To continue the second part of Touhou videos, we're going to look at some video that would surely make those not familiar to the series go, "is Touhou an anime series?"

Warning: the videos here are mostly your kawaii-desu moestuff. Don't say I didn't warn ya =B

To start off the 2nd part of Touhou video viewing, here's an animated Touhou project called Touhou Kinema Kan. It's not exactly a groundbreaking anime, but it's enough of a proof to show that the Touhou fans are a force to be reckon with.

This is the OP of the second series of Touhou Kinema Kan (called Touhou Kinema Kan - 2nd Curtain)

And this here is the 2nd OP. Does the video remind you of Fragrance of Oriental Flower? (well, not so surprising, since Yuuka is in here as well)

And this the animated project itself, which goes on pretty much like the first one. There's more character this time tho.

And since you have the OP, you should watch the ED as well.

Ready for more CHEEEEEEEN? Watch as Chen take over Gensokyo (well, sort of) in this PV

Perhaps the best anime-quality short video so far. I don't know if the people that made this video plan to make some short animation like what they did for Touhou Kinema Kan, or if it was meant as a standalone. Either way, it's excellent.

And it had to happen eventually: some people actually did a full Touhou anime! Even with some well known seiyuu on the board! (that was what I heard - I'm not enough of an otaku to know those respective seiyuus, ahaha)

Unfortunately, the series didn't progress further because ZUN didn't really approve of the anime. It's because he want to keep Touhou limited to games and fanworks instead of becoming an anime series... or something along the line.

(A little extra note: there's apparently a lot of other excellent PVs out there that I've still yet to look at. Might go and look for them when I'm busy procrastinating again...)

About the last two videos: I'm a bit mixed about the prospect of getting an official Touhou anime in the future: some of the more hardcore fans are in sync with ZUN, disagreeing for any large scale project for a Touhou anime, while some insist on getting a Touhou anime series. Perhaps ZUN doesn't want the series to be known as a typical moeshit anime, becoming too popular that the fans - bad bunch of otakus and your typical weaboos - will ruin the series?

Heck, as long as it's good, I'm fine with it. And apparently after they announced that they were going to do a crossover Touhou OVA, ZUN was said to remark that 'he didn't care anymore'. Are we getting closer to a Touhou anime then?

Anddddd... to wrap it up, here's a video that pretty much describe what could happen to me if I keep on procrastinating like this:

Well, better get to work then.

Happy Eid Adha to all Muslim, and good luck to those who are going to have their finals soon C:


  1. Although there are many animated videos involving Touhou characters you have to remember that they're not canon unless ZUN is actually involved in the making of it. A lot of fans seem to have trouble telling apart canon from fanon from lack of knowledge.

    I don't really mind the fans that mistake the two, but I cringe every time I see an ignorant fan that insists this is "canon" or "official" because it's made by a famous company or some other stupid reason.

    I didn't really like the PVs made by Maikaze because Marisa was playing the straight man role between Aya and Reimu. Granted the PV was filled with fanon, but Marisa being the voice of reason? That is quite strange.

    Regardless, I'm still looking forward to the Touhou crossover OVA. At the very least, the animation alone will make it worth watching.

    Sorry for the rant and good luck on your work!

  2. I find it kinda funny how some fans chose certain aspect of fanon over canon; for example, the real relationship between Aya and Momiji (which it was commented that 'ZUN is trolling with the fans', wasn't it?)

    Some of the Touhou fans can be pretty annoying when it comes to the discussion - some of them even give off the air that they don't want more people jumping into Touhou. Maybe because they don't want the series to be overloaded with stupid fans? Heck I dunno.

    I'm kinda wondering how they will handle the crossover, it's something to look forward to.

    No prob on the ranting lol. And thanks C:

  3. My biggest problem with the newer fans is that they don't even like Touhou, yet they talk authoritatively about subjects to which they are entirely ignorant.

    There are many negative sides to having a commercial anime. Besides that the crowd screaming the loudest for it will just pirate it anyway, and possibly pirate the games too if they're interested, claiming that it's all freeware.

    I don't mind secondary fans though, just not the ones that make demands.

  4. >My biggest problem with the newer fans is that they don't even like Touhou

    I'm guessing these are the one who are more interested in the meme and other related things rather than the whole series itself?

    Heck, here at my place, the way I see it, the growing Touhou fans mostly consist of the weaboo moe-tard, who doesn't really know much about the series other than the characters. I guess this thing pretty much happen elsewhere, eh? Nothing much we can do about it.

    Someone once mentioned that some Touhou fans are annoying, and wouldn't want new people to get in the series. And he was referring to the ones who doesn't want Touhou to get a commercial anime series, IIRC.

  5. >Touhou fans mostly consist of the weaboo moe-tard, who doesn't really know much about the series other than the characters.

    It seems to be quite universal, even in Japan. People just like to ride the waves of popularity.

    The characters are quite nice, so is the music. But they're the ones missing out if they don't even try the games.

  6. >But they're the ones missing out if they don't even try the games.

    Haha, the funny thing is, I almost hate Touhou games when I first tried it... but they just kinda grow on you the longer you play 'em.