Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Procrastinating by Touhouing, Part 1

While I'm busy (?) procrastinating, I've been Touhouing as usual. The activities would include looking at Touhou fanarts, playing the game, listening to the musics, and reading the doujins. You know, the usual.

Now with the extra time, I'm watching some of the videos as well. And since I have nothing else better to do right now but to surf the 'net, I'll share some of the videos that interests me.

Oh, and do keep in mind that these videos are all fanmade - yeah, you heard that right, they're not the official work by the guy who made the game, ZUN.

So much love by the fans, man... it's one of the reason why I love Touhou so much.

This is a video by the well known Touhou music doujin group, IOSYS's Marisa Stole the Precious Thing. I've heard a lot of people getting their first glimpse of Touhou from this video; 'course, that's not the case with me.

Yes, there's a bit of Engrish here, as well as... Chinese and German! A bit random, eh?

One of the more visually interesting song, Bad Apple!!. I heard the video was shot by recording real 3D model. The result is quite fantastic. Good song too.

Border of Death by IOSYS. The video capture the feel of the final boss battle pretty well. Too bad I never got to experience said battle in the game (I'm still getting around the mechanic of the games, haha)

Speaking of game, Blazing Heart by SYNC.ART'S also give off the same game vibe much like the last video.

And to continue the game vibe... how about a bit of Oath of Soul? As with Bad Apple!!, it is visually entertaining as well.

If you somehow tried grazing through the danmaku using the mouse pointer... consider yourself a true Touhou fan then!

For those who wanted some HNGHHHHHH, try listening to Miracle∞Hinacle by IOSYS. Prepare some insulin for this ridiculously sweet video.

More HNGHHHHHH stuff? How about this then?


Or maybe you'd prefer some BAWWW instead? Might want to check this video to the song by Cool&Create, about how a youkai is in love with a human.

IOSYS's Fragrance of Oriental Sunflower (also known as Flower of the Sun) song and video is what I would gladly use the word 'epic' in describing it.

A parody of MJ's Thriller. This reminds me of a certain saying on the net: 'it it exists, there would be a Touhou version of it'

Speaking of which...

What do you think? Pretty awesome eh, for the fans to make all these videos for a game series that is created by a single guy?

But wait! There's even more awesome stuff... but, I'll show you those other videos in the next post, because I think there's a bit too much video in here already.

(Plus, by spreading the posts, I can increase the number of posts of this blog! I'm a genius...!)

This image was brought to you by LunarisFuriAileron @ deviantArt. Do check out his works yo~ (hoh, shameless advertising...)


  1. >looking at Touhou fanarts, playing the game, listening to the musics, and reading the doujins.

    Oh ho, I've spent hours doing the same. Cool&Create's Nitori PV broke me down quite badly. I'm just a sucker for the whole "tragedy of long life" I guess.

    Yakumo de Popon is probably my favorite arrange of CHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN's theme song. Seeing Chen jump up and down while clapping was a nice touch too.

  2. Come to think of it, I think I saw Nitori's PV from your page

    Haha, yeah, I love the clapping part too. So moe that I could die XP