Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm still high and dry

Some people asked me if all is well here at my home, probably after the news reported how bad the flood is up north only after the worst is over. Well, true, I might not really be up to date with the news, but I was somewhat surprised that after I returned back here to discover the the flood have pretty much receded, the news still show footage of the flood as if to imply that the flood is still taking place.

And don't forget their attack on the minister too. And his counter-attack. Bahhh politic shits.

Anywayyyy... I've been here for more than a week now, and my final starts in about a week. And what am I doing? Why, procrastinating, of course!

Last week, I had a sort-of-stress after I realized that I haven't done a worthwhile thing regarding studies. Not to mention that I haven't conducted the final year fieldwork, which on hindsight, I should have started even earlier than now.

But, after a while, I thought that, hey, no point getting a stomach ulcer ala Najib over these things, eh? Let's take it easy~ (yeah right...)

TL;DR: I'm still alive, going to have exam, busy procrastinating. Imma be writing what is it that I'm doing while I'm procrastinating: stay tune for the next post aight.


  1. I'm glad the flood is over. Good luck on your finals and remember to take it easy~