Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why life is stranger than fiction

We were discussing about a TV series (The Vampire Diaries) when someone - who was possibly not wholly paying attention - then asked if the said series was based on real story.

But of course, we pointed out that real life wouldn't be like that. In fact, it's a lot more complex. I mean, think about it:

-Some guy from a cave can direct a few untrained persons to crash planes into two buildings
-Said guy - which we cannot really ascertain if he is still alive or not - makes threat in the form of videos, and recently, only in audio tapes
-Cops shooting a 15 years old, and then reported that a knife was conveniently found in the back of the car
-A plane carrying the government officials of a country crashed, leaving the said country ruler-less (lol)

Sometimes these sounds like they're something lifted out from some fictional stories, don't they? Of course, we knew better...

The story of the said guy (come on, you know who he is =P) would have made a hell of a mystery-war-political-thriller-whatever shit movie tho - with the obligatory good guys (preferably those of the US of A) winning in the end, of course.

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