Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ads 101

So, to start off with a real post... let's get the ball rolling and go for something totally random.

Anyone who's from here would have noticed these two ads: one for Samsung air conditioner and Nippon paint. While these two products seems totally different from each other, they both share the same claim: that is, the ability to absorb and neutralize harmful substances (they are virus and bacterias, and formaldehyde, respectively)

Now these ads would have went unnoticed by me... had they did not resort to scaremongering. What scaremongering, you ask? Well, if you have watched the Samsung AC ad (involving an amount of facemask) and the continuous nippon paint ad (yes, if you wanted to know, they had all this ad in the newspaper - The Star - for a few days, highlighting the danger of formaldehyde), you'd know what I mean.

Unfortunately, the ads are not on youtube (yet, I suspect), so I'd give these two links instead:

Samsung AC ad
Nippon paint ad

Also, don't you think that the claims are rather dubious. Destroy 99.9% of virus? Absorbing formaldehyde? I wonder how much of the public buy them (literally and/or figuratively) I, for once, would love to see some ad putting on these claim:

"our product contains no bullshit"

But then again, that's just how ads works, heh.

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