Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day out at a meido kafe

I'm currently in those very busy weeks - the one so busy that I don't have time to take it easy, much less to write anything here (I apologize for not dropping much at other blogs too). So... have this rather old 'MY BLOG' stuff while I rush off to finish some other things?

The day when mukyu~ meets JAOOOOOOO

Sometime 2 weeks ago, I had a little meetup with this one guy that I met in CF. It was school holiday for him, he wanted to do a little meetup with some Touhou peeps, and so it was decided that there's no other suitable place than this one maid cafe near the vicinity.

Unfortunately, most of the Touhou people were either too occupied with something else during that day, or they could not be contacted. So in the end, it was down to the two of us.

Self explanatory

I actually arrived quite earlier than the agreed time, so I kept on pacing around the train station for a few good minutes. And then, just as I was leaving, I thought I caught a glimpse of the person in question. Or is it him? I don't think he notices that I'm there... so I'll go ahead and just wait and the bus station then.

...and, as it turns out, it is indeed the man himself. After the initial greeting (and me commenting on how I'm a bit not used to doing meetup of this kind... well, sorta), we gotten straight away into business: discussing on new stuff on Touhou, some anime series, the recent earthquake in Japan. You know, the usual stuff. And the same process goes on all the way until we reached the cafe.

I'll just say something about maid cafe: personally, I'm not too crazy about them, so really, I wasn't expecting much out of this one.

And how did this maid cafe fair, with this being my first try? For one thing, the interior is certainly bigger than what I envisioned it to be based from the outside view. Upon entering, you would spot these glass shelves that are filled with all glorious figurines and nendos (...I wish I had more monies ;_;), and on some of the tables nearby, magazines and illustration book from Japan. There is a TV there as well, which was showing FMP Fumoffu at that time (although it appears that you could play some PS3 games there as well).

There was only one or two occupied table, so getting a spot was not a trouble at all. I think I'll just skip about the rest of our dining experience, since there isn't really much to tell about them to be honest.

Tho you might be interested to know that these foods

are surprisingly expensive (if you wanna compare them with similar food outside, I mean). But hey, it's not like people come to this place for the sake of eating, right?

I don't think I'd come to this place again on my own, as it just isn't as fun: I'm not that social enough to come here to chat away with the maids, nor I'm ready to fork some money for this kind of atmosphere. I'm not in any way saying the place is bad or anything, it's just that it's all a bit - do I dare to use the word? - bourgeois for me.

Returning on what we did for the rest of the day: it was spend with us (for most of the part, the other guy) talking with this one maid, on various topic that ranges from Vocaloid, Touhou, certain type of animes, artworks, and to a point, on demons, souls, and all that supernatural stuff. I think there is something interesting to see having a good knowledge on the latter topics. So yeah, that maid's real cool, which would explain why we didn't do anything else much.

It didn't turn out to be much of a Touhou meetup as we envisioned - we didn't played a round of Soku as originally planned - but then again there is so much two Touhoufags (with different personality) could achieve in one meeting. It was still a good day, even if we had certain problems near the end (sorry man, but the next time we meet, let's go and transfer more anime alright?)

Did I mention about us discussing about the possibility of cosplaying in some future events? I don't think I'll ever get to be serious in cosplaying as some other people, although I'm not against doing maybe for an event or two - just for the heck of it. Ohh yes, how weaboo I am...

Anyone who has been to the cafe would know of the rule of not being able to take photos inside the place. However, there are certain exceptions; so here we go, some of the (permitted... I think) photos of the cafe:

I'd post a few pictures of us... but it's too lolwtf to be placed here hahaha.


  1. >The price is so high that it'll make your heart drop~

    Oh god, it certainly did. That's insane. It's good that you had a chance to hang out with someone who has similar interests, even if it was probably a bit awkward. That price though....I can't get over it.

  2. >heart-shaped dishes


    Sounds like you had a decent time. I wouldn't go to a maid cafe because I'd be too awkward to talk to anyone, which would defeat the point of going to one, I think.

    >that price

    Enough for one month of food.

  3. Sounds pretty awesome to meet up with some other people that share some interest.I don't think that will work in North America not the retarded weboo rep thing but, most are paranoid or too jaded to meet.

    Well special restaurants are really made for a place to hang out and, not gorge like an all you can eat buffet.

  4. I wouldn't go back back with those prices either. I would just keep thinking about what I could of bought if I didn't dine there.

  5. I would like to visit a maid cafe, but I'm too socially awkward and I rather not leave my room (and I have no money). Such a dilemma.

  6. That price doesn't actually seem that bad, it's MYR / RM, right?

    Maybe the local economy is totally different too? It seems expensive, but only as expensive as any other cafe in Europe I think.

    In comparison there are meido kissas in Tokyo where you can spend 8,000 yen in two hours. T_T

    In Osaka I heard there are places that rack up charges of 20,000 yen or more for a few hours so I didn't bother looking to see.

    Also you spent 6 hours there?! Wow, no 500 yen per hour table charge. T_T

    With that all said, there are actually places that are pretty reasonable but I can't think of anywhere that would be cheaper than that place if I have my currency conversions correct!

    tl;dr Otaku lifestyle is expensive as hell.

  7. @Tigoris: Yeah, it was cool and all (the meetup, I mean; can't say the same with the price, heh)

    @HHH: Well, it's for 2 people... and it's not in dollar, so yeah

    @MixedNut: I don't think I'd meet up with someone I barely know just like that tho. Unless if it was with some other people that I'm familiar with, yeah

    @Cpt: The funny thing is I went there right after my birthday... so I guess it's a sort of treat (to myself) haha

    @Link: I totally feel you on the money issue man ;_;

    @Pocky: Yeap, it's in RM. And yeah, there are other cafe as expensive as this one, although those are the fine dining one.

    Wow, now those cafe are really expensive (no kidding). And I really didn't notice that they take note of how long we spend there - we actually could stay for 2 hour the longest, but since there weren't too many customer, they're pretty lax on it I guess.