Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happi birthdesu, kisama~

Damn I love this show

Although it was actually 2 days ago if you wanna know (yesterday if you're on the western part of the world). I was too busy and tired to post anything here for the event (well, not that anything interesting happened anyway).

I'm not telling ya my age, but I'll just give a hint: I'm still at a good(?) age of 20-something.

This doesn't happen exactly during my birthday, but close enough

Anyway, a bit of self analysis while we're at it? (hoo boy, here we go...)

I might have pointed out at one point or another that I'm a sort-of reclusive, so meeting up with people can get sort of awkward (well, not by much... but still). That much is something that I'm quite aware of.

Now I realized a few more things: one, I'm different from the different (i.e. I'm on borderline from the 'normal' and the, uhh 'others'); two, I'm not much of a conversationalist, appearing as a silent listener (using the word 'analyzer' would be a bit of a stretch); and lastly, I'm actually quite emotional, even if I give of the appearance of being apathetic (actually, the last point isn't really relevant to what I'm pointing out just now, but I just thought that I'd mention that here).

Should I really be bothered with these? I guess I shouldn't, and I'M the one who should accept this fact in the first place, since... if I couldn't, no one else will, right?

I'm reminded of this one guy's saying that 'everyone judges each other'. I wonder how many people actually pass judgement on themselves...

Well, enough with all this personal talking; gotta chin up and take it like a man, yeah?

Onwards, dude! Taking it easy, as usual~


  1. The title made me laugh.

    Happy (late) birthday!

    >Taking it easy, as usual~

    And here's to many more years~

  2. Congrats on the level up! Your description of yourself sounds a lot like me, so I think I can understand a bit of what you're saying.

    >gotta chin up and take it like a man

    That's what "they" keep telling me, so I guess so!

  3. >judgement on themselves
    Judging from the people who I hang out they do very little of this.
    I'm the guy that usually listens and, not talk it also depends on the person then I say silly stuff some times.

  4. Happy birthday~

    I personally don't get bothered stuff like that. I wouldn't be able to take it easy if I couldn't be myself.

  5. >meeting up with people can get sort of awkward
    We all know that feel.

    I think most people judge themselves more harshly than they judge others, or maybe that's just me.

    >Happy (late) birthday!

  6. >Happy (late) birthday!

    I love Cromartie High School. And I can somewhat relate to that description as well.

  7. Happy belated birthday, Faults. I hope you had a great day.

    >Should I really be bothered with these?