Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motto Loveressive & Concerto of the Scarlet Elements

So... even with Reitaisai 8 being cancelled, we still get some CDs being released by some circles (by the way, from what I heard, the event is being forwarded to 8th of May. I wonder if Kami no Pocky will go to Japan again this time around - do you plan to do so?)

I've only found 2 Reitaisai album on the interweb so far. I don't know about the other releases; maybe I should search for the rest later.

(you can get the album for free from their website by the way)

I haven't heard of any stuff from SYNC.ART'S for a while now, so I've forgotten about most of their other stuff (I still remember about their cover of Extend Ash and Capital City of Flower in the Sky tho). They have a nice mix of rock and electronica to go along with the vocals, and I am quite contended with these kind of music (the second one I mean) as far as vocal arrangements are concerned.

My favourite track off the album would be the arrangement of Deaf To All But The Song! (a track which I don't hear much cover of it by the way), which is hardly surprising when you look how it's a rock arrangement. The cover for The Doll Maker of Bucuresti would be next (a good slower-paced song). For faster (and more pop flavoured) tracks, there's the one for Love Coloured Master Spark and Phantom Ensemble (complete with some slightly cute vocals thrown in for good measure too).

And then there's the cover for Beloved Tomboyish Daughter too, which I think is just ok. The last part after the singing stop, though, is just... so Cirno.

And so, following the last album's trend, we now get vocals in the album. With this, I wonder if we're going to see the same thing for the next album?

Vocal tracks: for Iron Chino's track, I'd say that it's not too bad. I don't know what the style is called - quite similar to The Stahl's style... I guess you'd call it opera metal? - and it wasn't something I expected from Iron (I was thinking something like the one for Phantom Ensemble in the last album actually). Still, as far as a cover of Voile, The Magic Library goes, this is quite good.

The Stahl's track is all right I guess; he wasn't doing that screaming thing like what he did in the last album, so that's good enough for me. I don't know if it's just my untrained ear, but I don't hear too much of The Young Descendent of Tepes here (or at least, that one certain part). But... it has a keyboard solo to go along with the guitar solo, so yeah!

Instrumental tracks: you don't see much of the more popular songs (no Septette For The Dead Princess or U.N. Owen Was Her? aww...). Well, I guess it's because those are already there in Vampire Concerto and all... but still, why isn't Lunate Elf included? I understand Beloved Tomboyish Daughter might be a bit out of place with the other 'darker' songs... but would Lunate Elf be considered the same, I wonder?

The cover of Apparitions Stalks The Night doesn't disappoint - I was actually wondering some time ago of whether Iron ever going to do a cover of this theme. Luna Dial's cover isn't too bad either.

And for the rest of the tracks (which aren't that many)... just give them a listen to the Touhou Neo-Classical Metal goodness (I think that's what the sound is called), will ya?

While we're on this topic, I'd like to mention a thought I had the other day:

When I get myself some monies and all, I'd probably spend only a bit of it for figurines/plushies - I'm actually more interested in getting all those CDs, and if I could find good ones, art books of Touhou. I still have a spot for girly toys and everything, but I like to show how artsy I am once in a while (even when I'm not actually all that sophisticated, heheh).

I feel slightly guilty listening to all those wonderful arrangement which I easily download off the 'net (in bulks, even). One of these day, I'll be buying all those CDs instead of being a cheap (and of course, poor) fan.

...'course, I gotta get myself a job first. Alas!


  1. >...'course, I gotta get myself a job first. Alas!

    You and me both. I want to do the same thing and actually support the people who make these things, but first I need the money to do it with.

  2. oho, as for me, i didnt crave for much stuff from reitaisai 8, aside from Ten Desires. ah yes, only one thing i do crave a lot, Koumajou Densetsu II Official OST. been waiting for the full version of theme song Afraid like hell :D


  3. >you don't see much of the more popular songs

    I like it when they choose lesser known songs over the popular ones. Not that they're bad, but still.

    I collect CDs and want to own as many of the albums I've downloaded as possible. I feel bad if I don't have the real deal. I would like to start collecting vinyl as well, but that's usually even more expensive. ;_;

  4. >you can get the album for free

    Hey, that's cool. Damn, but the speed sucks. Understandable.

    >no Septette For The Dead Princess or U.N. Owen Was Her? aww...

    Personally, I don't mind this so much. I'd rather hear other songs.

    >When I get myself some monies and all,

    I'd do SO MANY THINGS.

  5. Right now I'm enjoying Touhou Tsuisouroku ~Recollection of Ancient history~ and Touhou Gensou Shiten 6 "Grimoire" (mainly because of Jun.A's works) the most.

    I grew up pirating everything so I don't feel bad about it at all. In fact, this is considered "normal" to me. I know it's wrong, but I have no plans to stop and never will.

  6. It's nice of them to forward the event, so it will still take place

  7. @Tigoris: Yeap, quite so.

    @ZoiDieCT: Wow, that's a neat website indeed. Thanks man!

    @Link: I used to do the same thing, but it all changes once I get into uni, the way how I need to spend my money on some other stuff.

    @HHH: I'm actually not too crazy about U.N. Owen, but I crave for Remi's theme every now and then.

    @Cpt.Awesome: I haven't heard of the 2nd one, but I'm actually looking for that Magnum Opus album.

    Yeah, it's a standard procedure for most of us poor people huh?

    @Hermit: Yup. Guess the Japanese are quick to bounce back from that incident huh?