Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Global Battle Of The Band (and Touhou music thingie)

A few days ago, I went to perhaps my first concert (the ones that they do in uni/public place doesn't really count). And I must say that it was quite exciting - I certainly wouldn't mind going to these kind of events any time in the future. If they are good concerts, I mean.

Pretentious hipsters event much? Hell I dunno, but at least the bands are not the pretty-faced boybands with sucky songs and pretentious fans, heh.

Me on the center

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have regarding the event, as I had absentmindedly left my camera behind (I only thought of bringing my camera after I have arrived at the venue). Hence, I'm just gonna list down some of my favourite bands based from what my memory could recall (you might want to check out this website if you felt like checking out what the whole hullabaloo is all about):

Definitely the best band of the night, hands down (well OK, they gotten second place, but still). The bass is fierce - they did some crazy slap and pop, which I didn't know could go so well with metal songs - and the vocals and the rest of the instruments are just as aggressive. Also, the bassist uses a Firebird Gibson, which I did not see other bands using it. The guitar looked pretty strange as well - it looked as if it was modified from an acoustic guitar (but in no way sounding like one). Too bad I couldn't find more song from their page; I'd listen to more their other songs, even when they're all sung in Russian.

This metal group performed way before Salvador, so I might be a bit bias to prefer the latter (blame my short-attention spam). Their music might not be as aggressive as Salvador, but the vocal sure is (they are leaning more towards screaming, which is never a bad thing in metal). They're also the first band of the night to really get me riled up too.

Now this group is certainly something - I guess you could say they're more of the experimental-progressive-alternative-whatever you want to call it rock, where the frontman takes the role of vocalist, bassist, and harmonica player - all while appearing on stage with a green facepaint ala Hulk. The bass was producing some pretty weird and funny sound, that half of the time I was figuring out if there was a keyboardist somewhere (there isn't, by the way). Still, the band may perhaps a bit too experimental - the songs does sound like they're a bit too long and repetitive sometimes, and there's the issue with the language as well (they're from Ukraine).

The band with the most attitude would definitely be this band. They look more like they belong in punk rock, although they have some pretty surprising slow songs (which they didn't perform on the night, actually). Having said that, one of their tracks is so silly that I don't know what to make out of it: Fat Girls Burn In Hell (...yeap)

Well, I headbang a lot to this band compared with the others. And that's all there is that I could mention on this band, really - their music is good and all, but they don't leave me with much impact afterwards.

Also, during the same day, my handphone was stolen RIGHT under my nose. You could guess how RAGEEEEEE I was at the time.

...I could post a wall of text damning the bastard, but well, it's not as if it's gonna change anything right?

Misfortune, misfortune everywhere~

After reading a recent post by another blogger, I thought I'd put up the list of my favourite Touhou music as well (excluding the ones in the audio CDs and the other games, since I don't listen/play them as much):

Stage 1: Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes
Stage 1 Boss: A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander
Stage 2: The Road Of The Apotropaic God ~ Dark Road
Stage 2 Boss: Beware The Umbrella Left There Forever
Stage 3: The Gensokyo The Gods Loved
Stage 3 Boss: Plain Asia
Stage 4: Fall Of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall
Stage 4 Boss: Love-colored Master Spark
Stage 5: The Maid And The Pocket Watch Of Blood
Stage 5 Boss: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
Stage 6: The Young Descendant Of Tepes
Stage 6 Boss: Septette For The Dead Princess
EX Stage: Extend Ash ~ Hourai Victim
EX Stage Boss: Heian Alien

Next post will probably be something Touhou related - it'll be up when I'm not so swamped with work. I'm actually in a sort of a mental block too, so further posts might be slower than usual. Ehh I dunno. Take it easy everyone~


  1. >my handphone was stolen RIGHT under my nose

    Oh jeez, the dangers of the outside world.

    The music CDs don't take that long to listen to, a lot of the tracks are slightly modified versions of the tracks in the games.

  2. @Cpt.Awesome: Yeap, so true.

    I haven't really thought of checking the CDs, but I guess I'll do so when I'm done going through the doujin works.

  3. The dangers of the outside world, indeed.

    I've never been to a concert, but I would like to go to one. Maybe. But then there's the fact that I have to >go outside, and that I can't stand large crowds.

  4. Scary stuff, getting robbed like that.

  5. I've seen Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial and Septette for the Dead Princess on quite a number of lists of favourite Touhou songs now. Nothing wrong with it, they're great songs, it's just interesting to see how much some tracks stand out to a lot of people.

  6. @Link: I guess that'd depends on the type of concert as well. There are some concerts where I would be willing to go through the crowds (tho the price is another thing, heh)

    @Kami: It's more of the phone being stolen, really. But still, the fact that it took place out in a public place really unnerves me.

    @serenity: I guess it's only natural for that to happen haha